Alan Jackson Net Worth

Who is Alan Jackson? What is net worth of Alan Jackson? You must have heard these words many times. Old is Gold. This is very true in the case of Alan Jackson. Born on 17 October 1958, Alan Eugene Jackson is an American singer and songwriter. His songs have become famous because of the rustic country flavor. In his career spanning over 35 years, he has contributed a great deal, literally selling over 80 million records.

Born in Newman, Georgia to Joseph Eugene Jackson and Ruth Musick Jackson, Alan has four older sisters. He used to sing in the church as a 12-year old boy. During his early part of his childhood, he was not a fan of music. Gospel music was the only music he knew. The credit for introducing him to the music world goes to an old friend. He introduced Alan to a diet of music of Gene Watson, John Anderson, etc. Subsequently, Alan moved from Newman to Nashville along with his wife, Denise to pursue full-time music.

Alan Jackson Net Worth 2017-2018

Alan had a tough childhood. He had to work in a shoe store at the age of 12 to support the income. At Nashville, Alan landed a job in the Nashville’s Network mailroom. Glen Campbell helped him to sign his first deal with Arista Records. His first song, Blue Blooded Woman came out in 1989. This song did not worry the charts but his next song, Here in the Real World catapulted him to the third position in 1990.

A series of hits and many awards followed Alan wherever he went. In 1994, Alan switched contracts by leaving the Top Ten management and joining Gary Overton. His hits continued here as well.

Alan Jackson had the habit of penning most of his songs. As far as winning awards is concerned, it had become a sort of a habit for him. Thirty-five of his songs have topped the charts. He has won two Grammy awards, 16 CMA awards, 17 ACM awards and a host more. He has the credit of induction in the Georgia Music hall of Fame in 2001.

Recognizing his efforts and contribution to the music industry, the Country Music Hall of Fame opened an exhibition in August 2014, highlighting the different milestones in his career. There was a display of his awards as well.

On the personal front, he has three daughters from his wife of more than three and a half decades, Denise. They represent a happy contended family save for a minor hiccup in 1998 because of some financial strains.

Education: Alan does not have very high educational qualifications. He had his initial schooling at the local Elm Street Elementary School followed by a stint at the Newman High School. Considering his talent and subsequent success as a singer, any educational qualification would be a supplementary feature.

Alan Jackson Net Worth

Alan Jackson’s net worth as of 2017 is $85 million US dollars. The main source of his earnings is from the sale of his music albums, etc. A major part of this fortune has come from the sale of personal property at Nashville and Florida. However, one can safely accept this figure of $85 million to be correct. This is because Alan Jackson is in the music scene for more than 35 years. This period is long enough for a person of Alan Jackson’s capability to amass this net worth.

Alan Jackson Assets

With a career as long as Alan Jackson’s, one can expect an accumulation of decent material assets. Alan had invested his money wisely in real estate. Recently, he sold his Nashville and Florida properties and purchased a smaller property at Nashville to reside.

His main assets today apart from his material ones are his three daughters.

Alan Jackson Business Model

Alan Jackson is a famous singer and songwriter. Each of his songs has a unique country flavor. Starting out as a church singer at the age of 12, he had the basic ingredients to be a good singer. However, he did not launch his first album until he was around 30 years of age. Since then, he has not looked back.

He has won every award in the music world. As far as endorsements go, the deal with Ford trucks should occupy prime place.

Today, Alan is around 58 years old. That is not an old age for a musician to retire. Hence, you find him active, singing songs, and churning out albums. He hopes to carry on as long as his popularity remains.

Singers such as Alan Jackson are very rare to find. They are the ultimate jewels of the industry. The best part of his songs is the rustic countryside flavor. When he lends his voice to such songs, they acquire a different meaning altogether. Alan Jackson is a true legend in every sense of the word.