Ahlam Al Shamsi Net Worth 2019

Who is Ahlam Al Shamsi and what is her net worth 2019? An Emirates singer Ahlam AlShamsi was born on February 13, 1969, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. One of the Arab’s richest female singers Ahlam blessed with eclectic voice and stage sense. She is familiar for her controversial speech in many of her shows.

She always been an important topic of the music industry. After her graduation, she started her music career in 1995. Her first piece of work was ahbak moot (I love you till death, 2005). Her most popular tracks and hits are El Thokol Sana’a (weight, 2006) and Hatha Ana (this is me, 2009). In 2006, Ahlam signed a record label called Rotana. After her singing career in 2011, she joined as a member of Arab idol judging panel along with other famous judges.

Ahlam Al Shamsi Net Worth

She has been honoured with several national awards and the most searched celebrities in the search engine in east Arabia. She was married to Mubarak Al-Hajiri, who was a famous Qatar rally champion. Mubarak Al-Hajiri and Ahlam Al Shamsi were blessed with three children.

Ahlam was honored by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed. In 2003, Ahlam was the crowned queen at Doha festival and she attended few more famous festivals in Arab. She was nicknamed as “star of herself” by a popular musician, Mohammad Abdo.

Education: To complete schooling and to graduate from university, Ahlam lived in Bahrain for many years along with her parents. She made her return to the United Arab Emirates after completing her studies.

Net Worth of Ahlam Al Shamsi

Ahlam AlShamsi holds a total net worth of $26.5 million. She is one the richest Arab’s singer and the owner of many luxurious houses and apartments in the major wealthy countries.

Ahlam is well known for her controversial speech. Recently Saudi Arabia made a decision to allow women to drive cars in their country. Ahlam not supported the cause and opposed the decision to allow women to drive the car. It was protested by many people in Saudi Arabia.

Ahlam owns her luxurious apartments in many wealthy countries like Dubai, Egypt, and London. The images of Ahlam’s house seem to be stunning in the eyes of viewers. The pictures of her house were trending all over the social sites. The awful house is themed with purple color, with brightening lights, costly carpets. The house has its own swimming pool and well-maintained garden. All the designs were trendy and Arab east salon style.

Ahlam is a well established prominent singer, stage performer, well-known panel judge, and owner of her running business. She performed in UNISCO and LEDO festival held at France. She also participated and honoured in Washington festival, USA. And Ahlam performed in many festivals in London. She changed her path as a panel judge for Arab idol in the year, 2011. And Ahlam continued to be a judge for many variety singing shows until now.

She released her first debut studio album in the year 1995. Al Shamsi has also signed her major label Rotana. The albums and tracks of Ahlam are available in the form of DVD and digital download. The tracks are listed below.

  • Ahbak Moot – 1995
  • Ma’aa Al Salamah – 1996
  • Kaif Artha – 1997
  • Ma yeseh Ela El Saheeh – 1998
  • Tabee’ee – 1999
  • Mekhtlef – 2000
  • Le Elmak Bas – 2001
  • Ahsan – 2003
  • El Thokoi Sana’a – 2006
  • Hatha Ana – 2009
  • Maw3edak – 2013
  • Abtahadak – 2015

Ahlam continuous to balance her career as a judge and a good mother. She has been a talented singer, stage performer, panel judge and a mother. She is one of the most searched celebrities in the Middle East. Let her fans raise their hope for more works from her in the following years.