Aaron Carter Net Worth

Who is Aaron Carter and what is his net worth 2018? Aaron Carter is a famous singer from America. Initially, he rose to fame in form of a pop as well as hip hop singer in the era of 1990s. Net worth of Aaron Carter is high as he established himself as a celeb among pre-teen as well as teenage audiences throughout the era of 2000s along his four studio albums.

This singer was born in Tampa, located in Florida, where his parents named Jane as well as Robert operated the Garden Villa Retirement house. His family basically hailed from New York, the place where his elder brother named Nick, belonging from the boy band named as Backstreet Boys was born. Apart from Nick, the singer too has three sisters: twin sister Angel, B.J. and Leslie. It is known that Carter is entitled after his paternal grandfather as well as his maternal grandfather. Moreover, he studied the school named Frank D. Miles Elementary School as well as the Ruskin School in Florida.

Aaron Carter Net Worth 2017-2018

Initially, Carter launched his performing career at an early age of seven, in form of the lead singer of Dead End. This is essentially a local band created after the followers encountered at a rock school which they appeared in Tampa. Finally he left the band after period of two years as the members were attentive in alternative rock whereas Carter was passionate in pop.

In his career, Carter started his leading solo appearance, in which he sing for a cover of The Jets’ “Crush on You”, while opening for the Backstreet Boys in year 1997. The particular performance was later on trailed by a record agreement, and in year 1997, he launched his initial single entitled Crush on You. Moreover, at an early age of 13, Carter worked to record the album entitled Oh Aaron, launched in year 2001. It also presented his leading duet recording accomplished with his brother named Nick as well as a duet done in conjunction the novel group – No Secrets.

It is found that Carter as well as his siblings was featured in one reality show House of Carters, which continued in year 2006. The particular series highlights all five Carter relatives uniting to reside in the identical home. Throughout this era, he even launched few music online, counting the single entitled Dance with Me presenting Flo Rida in endeavour to start his music career.

It was in year 2014 that Carter appeared on 11-city Canadian trip accomplished throughout which he presented novel songs belonging from his imminent album. Moreover, Carter even declared that he could be boarding on a worldwide tour named as the Wonderful World Tour, called for a song entitled as Wonderful World of his next album.

One of his tours comprised 50 dates as well as operated from year 2014 till year 2015. In year 2014, Carter made appearance on Good Day LA, in which he accomplished his new single entitled Ooh Wee. It was in year 2013 that Carter filed a bankruptcy request to shed over $3.5 million in debit, majority of taxes possessed from the cash done at the height of his fame.

Aaron Carter Net worth

Aaron Carter is essentially a singer as well as actor from America with high net worth of $2.3 million. In his career, Carter is most renowned for becoming a pop singer in the era of 1990s. He too made appearances on many television series, comprising Sabrina, Lizzie McGuire, the Teenage Witch, as well as 7th Heaven. Net worth of Carter is possibly increased every day due to his constant dedication in acting.

In the field of pop as well as hip hop singing, Carter is a renowned name. Launching his singing career at early age of seven, the singer rose to popularity during the era of 1990s, as well as recognised himself as a star, particularly among the youngsters.