Whitney Thore Net Worth 2019

Who is Whitney Thore and what is her net worth 2019? Whitney Way Thore is an American TV personality. She is best known for appearing on the TV show titled “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, a program which aired on the TLC network. She is also known for her dance videos.

Early Life

Whitney Thore was born on born April 14, 1984, at Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. she was born to Glenn Thore and Barbara Thore. She has an older brother named Hunter. She attended the Page High School and graduated in 2002. She received her university education from the Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. She majored in Theatre. She moved to South Korea after graduating. She worked as an English teacher.

Whitney Thore Net Worth

Whitney Thore dated Lennie Alehat in 2016. The couple broke up in the same year with claims that Lennie was cheating. She met her next boyfriend, Nathan on an online dating platform. The couple had to end it after Nathan found out from his mother that they were cousins.

It was later found through a sonogram that she had cysts. She recently created a profile on an online dating platform. She uploaded bathing suit images saying that she wanted people to know she is not hiding how fat she is. Whitney has always complained about how difficult it is for her to date because of her weight.


She moved back to the United States where she worked as an on-air for the radio show “Jared and Katie in the Morning”. On February 27, 2014, she was featured on KZL’s YouTube channel where she was seen dancing in a video dubbed “A Fat Girl Dancing”. The video went viral and she was featured on many media outlets including The Huffington Post, Today Show on NBC and ABC News. She promoted the message of body acceptance.

She starred on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”. A show which focused on her life and her quest to lose weight. The first season started airing in January 2015 on TLC. The first season aired 10 episodes. The second season premiered in September that year.

Whitney Thore manages a website which she uses to push her “No Body Shaming” message. On her website, she relates to people who are fat and shares their story. She also emphasises that people should not be shy of their weight. She is known to have defended people have had bad treatments due to their weights.

Net Worth of Whitney Thore

Whitney Thore has a net worth of $1.7 million. She main source of income is from her appearance on the “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”. she is also a professional dancer and has performed many dance performances. She is also a radio personality.

Whitney Thore’s TV show is an international sensation that airs in Australia, Spain, New Zealand and Turkey. Her “Fat Acceptance” campaign has been recognised nationwide. She is known to be a keen influence in promoting positive body image.