Wally Amos Net Worth 2019

Who is Wally Amos and what is his net worth 2019? Wally Amos is acknowledged as an American based TV personality, businessperson and author. Moreover, he is recognised as a founder of “Famous Amos” named chocolate chip cookie trademark. This celebrity was too host of adult reading program entitled as Learn to Read. He presently lives in Kailua, located in Hawaii, the place where he operates The Cookie Kahuna gourmet cookie trademark. Net worth of Wally Amos is high even at this old age, get more details below:

Early Life

Wally Amos belonged from Tallahassee, located in Florida, and he stayed there till he was of twelve. While his parents took divorce, he relocated to Manhattan, located in New York along with his aunty and here he appeared in Food Trades Vocational High School. This TV personality expressed his passion in cooking right from young age, and actually it was derived from his aunty, who bake cookies for him and Amos makes recipe of chocolate chip cookie.

Wally Amos Net Worth

Soon before completing graduation, Amos left high school to enrol in United States Air Force. It is known that he got his high school equivalency diploma degree prior he was honourably cleared from this military; here he experienced an eminent career.

Coming back to New York, Amos appeared in college to transform as a secretary. After completing graduation, he accepted a clerical based job with William Morris Agency. Ultimately, he turned out as agency’s leading African American based talent agent.

Moreover, he contracted Simon & Garfunkel as well as leaded this agency’s rock ‘n’ roll section. He enticed clients through sending of chocolate chip cookies along with an invite to have a visit. He also symbolised superstars like Sam Cooke, Diana Ross & the Supremes, and Marvin Gaye.

In year 1975, one of his friends recommended him to found out a store to sell cookies, and in the same year, the initial “Famous Amos” cookie store was started in Los Angeles. Moreover, he began this business through aid of a $25,000 worth loan received from Marvin Gaye as well as Helen Reddy. The company started to enlarge, and, eventually, “Famous Amos” named chocolate chip cookies can be started on supermarket shelves in US. He also became a famous figure culturally as he featured as himself in Taxi episode entitled as “Latka’s Cookies” in year 1981.

Owing to financial problems, Amos was enforced to vend Famous Amos Company, and due to the name i.e. “Famous Amos” was offered by his prior company, he needed to use “The Uncle Noname’s Cookie Company” in form of his new firm’s name.

In year 2012, Amos made appearance in an episode of The Office, named “Tallahassee”, as himself. Also, in year 2014, Amos started his latest cookie business named “The Cookie Kahuna”, sold at Costco’s store inside Iwilei, located in Hawaii. Here, three flavours are presented: butterscotch with macadamia nuts, original chocolate chip, as well as chocolate chip with pecans.

Net Worth of Wally Amos

Wally Amos is essentially familiar as a television personality, businessperson, as well as author, possessing net worth of $21 million. Once, Amos has founded out store in year 1975 to wholesale his cookies in Los Angeles. In year 1981, he made appearance in one episode of famous TV series entitled as Taxi, suggesting his income grossed from TV based appearances.

His company named Famous Amos Company was sold by him and he launched new company i.e. The Uncle Noname’s Cookie Company which afterwards transformed as Uncle Wally’s Muffin Company. Apart from this, he is an author and has written around nine books. By year 1982, Amos was producing $12 million in form of revenue and the amount is actually $30 million today.

Passion in cooking turned Wally Amos as founder of “Famous Amos” named chocolate chip cookie trademark. Apart from his appearance as TV personality, he is too an author and stayed as host of many TV series.