Toya Wright Net Worth 2019

Who is Toya Wright and what is her net worth 2019? Antonia Wright (nee Johnson) previously Carter popularly called Toya Carter is an American TV personality, businesswoman, and Author. She is the former wife of rapper Lil Wayne and the author of the book titled “Priceless Aspirations”.

Early Life

Toya Wright was born Antonia Johnson on October 26, 1983, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. She was born to Walter Andrews and Anita Johnson- Andrews. She is the second daughter of six children.

Toya Wright Net Worth

Toya met Lil Wayne when she was 12 years old. She became pregnant with his daughter at age 14. At that time, Lil Wayne was 15 years old and now building up his career as a rapper. Toya gave birth to Regina (Nae) Carter when she was 15. The couple got married in 2004 when Lil Wayne had already achieved stardom. They separated 2 years after with Toya citing his lifestyles and his long stays away from him as a reason.


They have become good friends afterward. Toya Wright married Mickey “Memphitz” Wright on June 28, 2011, in Atlanta. In 2005, Toya confirmed to the public that they are separated. Her brothers Rudy and Josh Johnson were shot in their New Orleans home on July 31, 2016.

Toya Wright authored a book titled “Priceless Aspirations”. In her book, she talked about her struggles in her early years as a teenager. She also wrote a titled “In My Own Words… My Real Reality”. She is also a businesswoman who runs her own boutique. The boutique is called G.A.R.B. it is located in New Orleans, LA. She also owns a Shoe boutique called GARB Shoetique in Smyrna, GA.

She starred in “Tiny and Toya”. The show started airing on BET in June 2009. The show recorded massive viewership making it the highest rated series on BET at that time. She starred in the show with the wife of rapper T.I, Tameka (Tiny) Harris. Toya Wright also starred in a BET reality show titled “Toya: A Family Affair”. The show had 16 episodes which run for one season. The show aired in 2011. The show centered around her struggles as a single mother and dealing with her family issues including her mother’s addiction and her brother’s release from prison. She has also written a book titled “How to Lose a Husband”.

She also starred in “My Super Sweet 16” in 2014 and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” in 2016.

Net Worth of Toya Wright

Toya Wright has gained recognition with her books. Her popularity has soared with her appearance on the BET reality shows” Tiny and Toya” and “Toya: A Family Affair”. Her net worth is an estimated $4 million. Toya’s clothing company is worth $60,000 and her beauty business is also worth $110,000.

Toya Wright has appeared in many shows. she has also produced several shows. she has also written books that sell well. She has been known as one of the TV personalities that have stepped up their game and has improved tremendously throughout the years.