Tom Schwartz Net Worth 2018

Who is Tom Schwartz and what is his net worth 2018? Tom Schwartz is an actor known for Vanderpump Rules in 2013. He is an American reality star and model. He is being famous for the reality series Vanderpump rules since 2013. Vanderpump is the American reality TV series started in Jan 7, 2013. He was a recurring player for the first two seasons and became the main player in the 3rd season. The first season had 8 episodes. On Jan 9, 2017, the 10th episode of the 5th season of the show appeared and entitled “Summer House Rule”.

The final season of this reality TV show gave audiences and anticipates the wedding of Kate and Tom. His wife Mrs Schwartz worked as Vanderpump’s assistant in season 5. Though he is an American celebrity so he doesn’t really like telling his private life. He became popular after he was appeared on the popular American TV reality show Vanderpump.

Tom Schwartz Net Worth

Early Life

Tom Schwartz was born on Oct 16, 1982 in Woodbury, Minnesota, United States of America. He is also an entrepreneur and author who grew up in Akron, Ohio. Tom Schwartz was educated in Woodbury High School and after that he went to Florida State University. Tom has also developed a sharp business acumen with a real entrepreneurship flair being a passionate advocate for health spiritual living as well.

Being a Tom Schwartz has put his focus on developing new cutting edge and result oriented information into his new kindle books for the people to achieve their personal goals and also to fulfil their potential. Now-a-days Tom lives in San Diego, CA with his feisty Jack Russell. Tom’s books are also available online.

Tom Schwartz was educated in Woodbury High School and after that he went to Florida State University . He is also a model and Bartender. Tom appeared in the TV series in episodes True Blood in 2011.He also appears in TV series Two and A Half Men in 2013 and the 2 Miles Short Documentary as well.


Before starting his career as an actor he was a bartender at PUMP restaurant in California. In 2013 he got the chance in ‘Vanderpump’ which is a famous American reality television series. Besides, he also modelled in the various magazines and ads.

Tom Schwartz was married with Katie Maloney in Aug, 2016. His wife is an actress in Vanderpump Rules. Their relations were already started for a long time before their marriage. Then, after they engaged at last after a long time of their relations. Tom and Catie were married in a ceremony officiated by Lisa Vandervamp Rules. The couple spent $50,000 during their wedding.

This ceremony was held in Northern California and finally came together with Lisa Vanderpump to officiate. The wedding ceremony of the couple was held at Tweabty Mlle House in Northern California and this wedding ceremony was attended by more than 120 special guests . Some renowned persons were also participated in this ceremony. From which some of them are Kristen Doute, Brittant Cartwright .

Tom divorced with the Katie on Aug 2017 just after the one year of their marriage and the reason behind the divorce is something hidden behind the walls.Till then Tom is single and is focused on his career. One special thing about the Tom is that he doesn’t like to publish his private life that makes him different from the other actors. Tom is a good friend of actors Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor who is a popular American TV actors.

Tom Schwartz is a model and reality TV star and he popular for his famous American reality show ‘Vanderpump Rules’. The 34 years old model and actor Tom is graduated from college with a Sports Science Degree and he also an acclaimed author. Tom has also appeared in the episode name as “of True Blood” and “Two and Half Men” Tom has completed the successful doctary named as ‘2 miles in 20 minutes’.

Net Worth of Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz who belongs to a white ethnicity having American nationality has a net worth of $30 thousand and it is growing continuously day by day. Tom has also a big source of money from sponsorships, endorsements and ads.

Tom Schwartz is a famous model, actor and author who is literally known for the starring in ‘Vanderpump’ reality show in which he participated consecutively for five years that is from 2013 to 2017. Now Tom holds the net worth of $30 thousand US dollars.