Tom Joyner Net Worth

The Tom Joyner is famous for his Morning Show’ named as ‘Tom Joyner Morning Show’ which is a nationally syndicated program. Joyner was awarded by the Humanitarian Award BET award in the year 2015. Tom has also received the Hubert Humphrey Award for Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and got prestigious “Good Samaritan” Award for National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation. Tom is also a founder of the the Reach Media Inc, the Tom Joyner Foundation.

This site has more than 1.5 million registered users and it delivers news with exclusive reports from award winning journalist and unprecedented political coverage and interactive elements with on demand audio as well. Tom has earned most of his income from his well- known show named as ‘The Tom Joyner Show’. From the college time he was very active to take a part in the Radio shows. Along with Mary Flower Boyce, he wrote a famous book named as “I am Just A DJ ………..But it Makes Sense to Me” and this book was published in the year 2005 by the ‘Warner Books’. He has the total $45 million US dollars net worth.

Tom Joyner Net Worth 2017-2018

Tom Joyner was born on Nov 23, 1949 in Tuskegee, Alabama, United States having the ethnicity of African, American. His father was Hercules L. Joyner and his mother was Frances. His parents were highly educated and graduates of black colleges as these are renowned with this name these days.

So Tom Joyner has the well educated family history. Tom’s mother was the secretary for the military and his father served as Tuskegee Airman. His brother was Albert Joyner. A very interesting but rather unknown trivia on Tom’s life was while attending Tuskegee Varsity, Joyner was the member of a fraternity Omega Psi Ph – an international fraternity with over 750 graduate and undergraduate chapters.

Tom and Albert were good students earning good grades. They both attended Tuskegee Institute now-a-days it is most commonly known as Tuskegee University. Tom graduated with a degree in Sociology. His grandfather’s name was Oscar who was one of the only 3,000 black physicians in United States.

Initially his dream was to become a professional musicians. He joined the band called The Comodores where he met with his college friend Lionel Richie. Although the band did not last for long on the professional music industry due to the lack of income. As a result his parents started pushing him to look for alternatives, hence he leaved the band.

He has a valid nationally recognizable degree in medicine. The first time when he started working in radio stations was when he was a student at college and worked in its radio station .After the completion of the graduate many radio stations from different states wanted Tom Joyner to work in their stations and as he was working in many places such as Montgomery, Alabama and Chicago.

In 1985, he saw that he could achieve a lot in this industry when he was offered to work at two major radio stations in different places as Texas and Chicago.In 1994 Tom got his own show named as “The Tom Joyner Show”. The show today is broadcasting in approx 100 cities. This is is broadcasted via his own company called “Reach Media”.This is the important source of his net worth as well.

Tom Joyner’s show can be heard on mobile devices and on XBOX 360 console via iHeartRadio. Joyner also did a Cameo roles in his two films name as “The Gospel (2005) and Madea Goes to Jail”. Tom Joyner also appeared in the various television programs.

In 2009 Joyner published another famous book named as ” Tom Joyner Presents How to Prepare For College”.

Tom Joyner is married twice. He has two sons from his first wife named as Thomas Jr and Oscar whom he calls ‘killer’ and ‘thriller’ . After the divorce from his first wife he married celebrity aerobics instructor Donna Richardson in Jul 2000. The couple also divorced in May 2012. Tom Joyner’s elder brother, Albert Joyner, who was passed away at the age of 69 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States two years ago.

Joyner was also signed by ABC Radio Networks to host the show in the year 1994. He has many honors including four times Biliboard Magazine Best Urban Contemporary Air Personality Award and Impact Magazine’s Joe Loris Award for excellence the field of broadcasting. He has won an Essence Award and was named Impact’s Best DJ of the Year so many times that this honor has been renamed the Tom Joyner Award.

Joyner was inducted in the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame at the Martin Luther king Jr National Historic Site in the year 2008 and into the Official R&B Music Hall of Fame in the year 2013.Tom’s success as a radio personality and philanthropist continues to earn him several awards and honors. Tom Joyner found The Tom Joyner foundation to provide financial assistance to students having black ethnicity named as Historically Black Colleges and University ( HBCUs ) .

It has raised more than $60 million to help students enrolled in HBCU from year 1998. Tom Joyner also started the various scholarships one after the name of his late father named as “The Hercules Scholarship” in which students are selected through Tom Joyner Foundation School of month program and the other scholarship named as Full Ride Scholarship is awarded to which fresh HBCU student having the academic distinction and personal qualities.Joyner was awarded by the Humanitarian Award BET award in the year 2015.

Other past notable honors are the “Congressional Black Caucus’ Mickey Leland Humanitarian Award”, “100 Black Men’s Man of the Year award”, “the NAACP’s President’s Award”, and the “Harold Washington Award” for his tireless efforts in the Census 2002 campaign. Joyner was awarded as by the NAB Marconi award which is a radio award on Oct 7, 2004.

Joyner was also the first African-American which was inducted into The National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1998. Most recently Joyner was honored by Trumpet Awards in 2008 and was inducted into the “Civil Rights Hall of Fame for the community”. Tom was also appeared with his father and grandfather in the documentary with the name “Rising From The Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porter” in which he credited his family with passing down important values which he passed down to his sons also.

‘Oscar Joyner’ who was his grandfather was a Pullman porter who became a medical doctor. With Mary Flower Boyce, he wrote a famous book named as “I am Just A DJ ………..But it Makes Sense to Me” and this book was published in the year 2005 by the ‘Warner Books’. He has the total $30 million net worth.

How much is Net Worth of Tom Joyner in 2017

Tom Joyner became famous because his work in radio. Originally he was interested into starting his career in music industry. However , his family was not fully satisfied with his decision. Therefore he had look forward for another activity and soon he became interested into broadcasting which became one of the main source of his net worth. It has been estimated that the current size of the net worth of Tom Joyner is $45 million US dollars as of 2017.

Tom Joyner is best known for the shows in the radio. He is also an owner of his own organization, which aims to provide the finance assistance to those students who comes from black ethnicity and study at black universities and colleges. Excluding these activities he is also known for the philanthropic activities. He is known for the better assistance of the Alzheimer’s disease as well.After more than four decade Tom Joyner as a fixture on the Chicago’s Airways , he dubbed himself ” The Hardest Working Man in Radio” would not be working on the year here.