Tim Gunn Net Worth

Who is Tim Gunn and what is his net worth 2018? Tim Gunn is commonly referred to as an American based television personality, fashion consultant, actor as well as an author. He worked on the faculty of Parsons The New School for Design during period of 1982 till 2007 as well as served as a chairman of fashion design at the school during period of 2000 till 2007. After working here, he appeared in Liz Claiborne in form of its chief creative officer. Net worth of Tim Gunn is amassed from multiple careers as listed above, get more details below:

Washington, D.C. is the place where Gunn was born and brought up. This celebrity is known to be the son of Nancy and George William Gunn, recognised as an FBI agent in direction of FBI Director named J. Edgar Hoover. It is found that Gunn stayed as a champion swimmer during his tenure in high school, and afterwards appeared in a college of arts and design, getting degree of BFA in sculpture.

Tim Gunn Net Worth

Gunn, who recognises as gay, was brought up in an extremely homophobic type household and beheld homosexuals as raiders. As per one video Gunn made for It Gets Better Project, he tried to attempt suicide when he was of age 17 by taking more than 100 pills. He repudiated his sexual orientation till his age of early 20s, and also did not mention that with his family till he came out to his sister while he was of age 29.

After working as director of admissions for Corcoran, Tim Gunn began serving at Parsons during year 1982. He even worked as subordinate dean during period of 1989 till 2000, and later transformed as Fashion Design Department chairman in year 2000.He started featuring on Project Runway in its leading season in year 2004, as well as he is recognised for his slogan i.e. “Make it work.”

He attained one Primetime Emmy Award back in year 2013 in category of Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. A reality show entitled Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, in which he provides guidance to the fashion-challenged, made debut in year 2007 on famous network i.e. Bravo television network. The particular show continued for 16 episodes across its two seasons.

Apart from this, Gunn too performed a version of himself being a reporter for a fictional entitled as Fashion TV during two different episodes of Ugly Betty by ABC in year 2007 and later he was featured as guest on Drop Dead Diva in year 2009. It is found that Gunn resigned from Parsons in year 2007 and teamed up with Liz Claiborne, Inc. in form of the chief creative officer of that company in that same year. He was too appeared as guest featured as Barney’s personal style on some episodes for How I Met Your Mother.

Gunn presently resides in Manhattan. In year 2006, in one interview conducted with Instinct, he mentioned that he was not involved in any relationship since era of early 1980s, after the sudden termination of a six-year spanned relationship, and added that he yet loves his prior partner, although they both are now not in communication.

Tim Gunn Net worth

Tim Gunn is globally known as a television personality, fashion consultant, actor as well as a voice actor, attaining net worth of $17 million. This celeb is commonly renowned for becoming the guide to designers on Bravo’s Project Runway right from the debut of the show in year 2004, adding great share to his income. In year 2007, he resigned from Parsons and then his salary boosted as he become a CEO of Liz Claiborne, Inc., recognised as a New York City- founded fashion firm.

Working as chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne and working in Parsons, facilitated Tim Gunn to attain major acclaim in his career. Across run of 15 seasons, Gunn has by now become famous in form of the on-air guide to designers on famous reality television program entitled as Project Runway.