Tariq Nasheed Net Worth

Tariq Nasheed, the famous man with titles Tariq Elite, King Flex and K-Flex. He is the American film producer and a popular media personality.

About Tariq Nasheed

Tariq Nasheed was on July 1st 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. His parents stayed in Los Angeles and his siblings were also brought up in Los Angeles. He studied at Yale University. He is an American citizen.

Tariq Nasheed Net Worth 2017-2018

At the age of 17 he started travelling the world and exploring, people, culture, customs and traditions.

He married his long-term girlfriend peanut after dating her for years. Her wife was a former model. Nasheed and Peanut got married in 2014; they have three children (sons) from their marriage.


He is the producer of documentary film Hidden Colors. The first of the series was released in 2011. The documentary was based on African and aboriginal peoples. The film had limited audience as it was only theatrical release and later the film was released as DVD as well. The second in the series was Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin. This was in the year 2012. There were more 2 more series later Hidden Colors 3 (2014) and Hidden Colors 4 (June 2016)

In the year 2013, Dark Medicine, horror film was released. Nasheed has written and directed the movie.

He is also the producer of 1804. It is based on the history of Haity. It is expected to be released in 2017.

Nasheed has authored books on dating and finding women. His books include The Mack Within, The Elite Way, and The Art of Mackin’. Nasheed has two books in his name as advice for women readers: Play or Be Played: What Every Female Should Know About Men, Dating, and Relationships in the year 2004 and The Art of Gold Digging in the year 2008. His work The Art of Mackin’, is the best seller according to New York Times.

He is a regular speaker on the subject of sex and relationships to students of various colleges. His opinions are frequently published in various media about infidelity, race relations and intimate relationships.

Nasheed’s experience and study of psychology books came up with the formula GIC2 which means game, intelligence and common sense squared.

Tariq Nasheed Net worth

He is the producer, comedian, author and radio presenter. His net worth is expected to be USD $2.5 million. His wealth is increasing day to day basis. His net worth is expected to be from the various shows and producer of films. He draws salary as an internet radio host and also as a social commentator. He has a very attractive personality of 6 feet 5 inches. Royalties from his written books and sales of his DVD add to his net worth. He also gets fees for speaking and discussion on seminars at various events.

Nasheed is a multi-talented personality and a jovial person who can add sparks to intimate relationships and sex. He is a film producer and media personality. He studies psychology of people towards his reaction for love.