Tarek And Christina Net Worth

Who are Tarek And Christina and what is their net worth 2018? Tarek and Christina El Moussa were the hosts of the reality show “flip or flop” on the Home and Gardening TV channel or HGTV based in the USA. Both of them are known for the ability to flip houses, or selling real estate after boosting them in value by modifications. They were highly popular with viewers of the show.

Both Tarek and Christina are from California with Tarek growing up in Buena Park and Christina growing up nearby Anaheim Hills. Both these individuals joined the real-estate profession and met each other on the job in 2007. Both of them hit it off and started a relationship the following year. The stock market crash of 2008 led to the couple living in an apartment which came at a rent of $700 per month. The stock market crash led to a recession which led to the economy taking a serious hit affecting all sectors of industry.

Tarek And Christina Net Worth 2018-2019

This was a serious downgrade from the home they were previously living in at a monthly mortgage of $6000 per month. They decided to work hard as a couple and make a financial comeback, and got married in 2009, and had a daughter the following year. In 2011 they as a couple bought their first investment property at $115,000 which they later renovated with the help of their business partner named Pete De Best and sold it for a profit of $34,000. Post this, they took their real-estate venture named El Moussa Group and extended it to Nevada and Arizona with great success ensuring a much anticipated increase in revenues.

Tarek had a brilliant idea to video the entire process of flipping a house, which was later sent to a production company named Pie Town Productions. The production company loved it, and started filming the first season of Flip or Flop, with it reaching TV on April 2013. The show gained a lot of momentum and was quickly given a lot of spin-off opportunities in which both Tarek and Christina had appearances which also significantly added to their incomes and eventually their net worth. The show had gained cult following over the cable network, making them sensational TV stars over a relatively short period of time.

The show is also indirectly responsible for saving Tarek’s life, as one of the show’s fans who were a nurse informed him to get a check-up after viewing a lump on his throat. It was cancer which he overcame with surgery and radiation therapy. Tarek and Christina are currently in the process of separation (since 2016) and their time in the media is making things worse for them as a couple.

The media has played up their marital discord in the interest of sensationalism, and is misinterpreting natural events in the couple’s life which has accelerated the deterioration of their marriage .but the producers of the show are in support of the couple to sort out their differences amicably.

Tarek And Christina Net worth

The Flip or Flop show is one of the most successful shows on HGTV with it completing its 8th season. They were paid $10,000 per person per episode from the show along with appearances on other spin-off shows. They racked up a flipping net profit of $5,25,000 on the show leaving each with a net worth of $4 million.

While Tarek and Christina have not come from families of great wealth, they have certainly built themselves a fierce reputation in the real estate domain. Having fought through financial adversity in the initial phase of their life, they are dealing with relationship difficulties currently which are made worse by the media. But all being said and done, they set a great example of how to achieve success in life!