Rod Parsley Net Worth 2019

Who is Rod Parsley and what is his net worth 2019? Rodney Parsley is renowned as a noticeable American Christian based minister, television host, author, and evangelist. Moreover, he is known to be a senior pastor working for World Harvest Church, known as a huge Pentecostal church established in Columbus, located in Ohio along with a sister campus inside Elkhart, in Indiana. If you are worried to know exact details of net worth of Rodney Parsley then read below:

Early Life

Birthplace of Parsley is Cleveland, located in Ohio, and he was brought up chiefly in the Columbus region. This celebrity’s parents were brought up inside eastern Kentucky, as well as they have toured there frequently to visit families while Parsley was a kid. Moreover, he was brought up as a Free Will Baptist, as well as he had a “born-again” type experience at a church running in Gahanna, located in Ohio, during era of 1970s.

Rod Parsley Net Worth

Being a young pastor, he was intensely influenced from Dr. Lester Sumrall, identified as an Indiana-centred evangelist, a missionary as well as a broadcaster. It is found that Sumrall turned as his mentor, and both of them have toured together frequently. He got married to Joni Parsley and the couple is blessed by a son named Austin and a daughter named Ashton, both are now young adults.

The origin of Parsley’s church originated to being in year 1977, while as a Bible college scholar he started directing a Bible study within his back yard of his parents. In its first service, seventeen persons have attended. Shortly it was confirmed that the Bible study must turn as a church.

It formerly came to be known as Sunset Chapel, as well as afterwards as Word of Life Church inside Canal Winchester, located in Ohio. The leading permanent facility of church was made in year 1979. This is currently recognised as Alpha Hall, the one which is one among the four buildings and for several years, it was known as a campus of Valor Christian College.

Breakthrough is essentially an outreach of Bridge of Hope, known as a global missions association. More than last 20 years, this celebrity has directed many humanitarian based projects across the world, sustained by gifts derived from members of his church, churches allied with the World Harvest Ministerial Alliance as well as television audiences. It is found that Bridge of Hope holds a comprehensive record of contribution made in Sudan, wherein a civil war was continued for many years.

Furthermore, his participation with Sudan started by his politicisation for federal i.e. Sudan Peace Act. Also, it has included the acquisition of liberty for Sudanese Christian based slaves and even medical supplies, food, apparatus for released slaves, etc.

Apart from that, he has even served on lieu of prison re-entry legislature, women’s rights ingenuities as well as anti-poverty based programs. Being an author, his recent book entitled as Living on Our Heads, singles out Bart Stupak, Chris Matthews, late Christopher Hitchens and Mia Farrow for praise.

He is author of many books, like “Silent No More,” issued in year 2005 by Charisma House. This book inspires Christians to partake in the political procedure, and particularly to confirm that their votes depict their values.

Net Worth of Rod Parsley

Despite criticism for his extravagant lifestyle, presently, Rod Parsley holds a prominent personal net worth which is assessed to be $2.5 million. He is extensively identified for his designation being American Christian minister, a television host, an author and evangelist.

He is renowned as a senior pastor in association with World Harvest Church, the one which is a principally Pentecostal church running in Ohio. Moreover, his several ministries are accountable for majority of his tributes. In year 2008, Minister Parsley authorised presidential campaign of Senator named John McCain, with Senator named McCain naming him as his “spiritual guide.”

Working for World Harvest Church, running in Ohio, as senior pastors have acknowledged celebrity named Rodney Parsley as a dedicated as well as a talented pastor. Other than his preaching skills, he has also stayed as an author of many worthy books till date.