Rick Steves Net Worth

Who is Rick Steves and what is his net worth 2018? Rick Steves is one of the top of the line travel author and travel TV host. He is America’s most trusted as well as respected personality and guide on European tour and travel, who advocates affordable, smart, perspective-broadening travel. He is also the host of most popular public TV series “Rick Steves’ Europe”, and also author of the best-selling books about more than 50 European travel books, which encouraging American tourist to travel as “temporary locals”.

Born as Richard “Rick” Steves, on 10 May 1955, in Barstow, California, U.S., Rick Steves is an American native, who is popular for authoring books in travel related topics. He is of Norwegian ancestry and attended University of Washington in his higher study. When Rick was 18 year old, he began travelling to several parts of the country on his own by funding his travelling by lessons on piano.

Rick Steves Net Worth

Later in 1976, he founded Rick Steves’ Europe which today became a 100 full-time employee company, who are well travelled. The company’s head office is in Washington and successfully attracts around 18,000 travellers annually. Over the past 20 years, he has hosted over 100 travel shows for public television and numerous pledge specials raising millions of dollars for local stations.

Rick Steves currently resides as well as works in Edmonds, Washington, which is his hometown. He is also a blogger on social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Best known for travel guides, Rick Steves is an outstanding author and best European travel guide ever seen. He started travelling when he was just 18. In 1969, he first travelled to Europe and later in 1976, started Rick Steves’ Europe (RSE) Company which is now amongst the best European travel guiding company.

In 1980, the first edition of his travel skills self-published book, “Europe through the Back Door” unveiled, which is now updated annually. He had also written guidebooks, phrase books, as well as “pocket” guides, which is about more than 50 in numbers. In 2000, he started hosting TV series “Rick Steves’ Europe”, which is the PBS travel documentary and the show is successfully running currently.

In 2005, he also debuted on radio and started a public radio travel show called “Travel with Rick Steves”, which got enormous popularity and the show also successfully running currently. He is also working as an active politician and belongs to America’s Democratic Party.

Rick got several honours and awards during his career. In 2010, his book “Travel as a Political Act”, got Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism award in the category of best travel book. He was also nominated for an Emmy Award for hosting the ACLU-WA’s “Marijuana”.

Rick Steves Net Worth

With remarkable guiding experience, Rick Steves made all his net worth from tours and travelling. Moreover, he written several books on travel related topics, which also contribute in improvement of his net worth. His estimated net worth is more than $11 million, which is a hefty total for a guide. He manage to host several self-produced shows which is also a factor of this much net worth.

He currently hosting TV series as well as radio programs which are related to tours and travels. We hope he will guide us more in forthcoming days and we wish him all the best for upcoming events.