Rick Dale Net Worth

Rick Dale is extensively recognised as a metal artist as well as an antique restoration expert. It is common that people may be rubbing their head how this person turned as a celebrity. Rick Dale is certainly an antique restoration expert however he turned as a public figure when he performed in highly rated reality show by History Channel entitled as American Restoration. The show has actually depicted his restoration firm named Rick’s Restoration from period of season 1 till season 6. Net worth of Rick Dale is high in millions, get further details below:

Rick Dale is presently of age 58. He possesses American based nationality and hails from white ethnicity. This artist is having one smaller sibling named Ron Dale and mentions him toughest to handle because both the Dale siblings serves in Rick’s Restoration. It is known that Rick possesses a good height and upholds a fit body.

Rick Dale Net Worth 2017-2018

He was earlier married and he is having a son named Tyler derived from his prior relationship. However, after that divorce, he got married to Kelly Dale. Kelly is too having one son named Brett Otterman derived from the relationship. This couple became a parent to a daughter themselves and they named her Ally Kat, the girl who is following a career in modelling.

Rick Dale has been officially restoring items for span of over 30 years. This artist’s show is globally famed as Kings of Restoration which is being produced by Leftfield Pictures. It has contributed prominently to his net worth. His show records his everyday antique restoration based activities noted from his shop which he runs collectively with his teenage son named Tyler, as well as his staff.

He has made his career from zeal as well as unique skill derived for converting the rustiest and even greatest beat-up stuffs to like-latest products for an expensive price tag, identified as a plus factor to his income. This artist has functioned on some items comprising 1940s gas pump, as well as rusted-out 1950s based soda machine and even a typical jukebox through a complicated mechanical design.

This official antique restorer is known to be an owner of Rick Restorations, recognized as a Las Vegas centred firm. However after the sixth successful season, this production company fired him as well as his member to restart program through a novel concept by five varied restoration shops right from year 2016. In that, it portrayed Dale Walksler, Bodie Stroud, Steve Hale, Andy Bowman Jr., and Bob Halliday in the atypical role.

How much is Rick Dale Net Worth in 2017

As of 2017, Rick Dale holds net worth of $3 million US dollars. Basically, he is acknowledged as a reality television celeb as well as professional antique restorer. He earned well by being an owner of Las Vegas-centred Rick Restorations. This show is essentially a topic of the History Channel based reality series entitled as American Restoration. That show is familiar globally as Kings of Restoration as well as it is being produced by Leftfield Pictures.

That show is essentially a spin-off of the famous series entitled “Pawn Stars”, on which he has performed many times as an on-camera professional as well as to restore different things. Dale stared at age of 9 reinstating and uplifting a beat-up bicycle which was actually a gift provided from his father, known as a humble start which contributed to his net worth.

He has appeared in a series which has presented cameo appearances through popular cast of “American Pickers”, “Pawn Stars”, Las Vegas-centred magician named Lance Burton, NASCAR driver named Greg Biffle, as well as some musicians namely Billy Joel, Sammy Hagar, and Jason Mraz.

Rick Dale, whose favourite colour is red, is renowned for restoring items officially for more than 30 years. This antique restoration expert owns a deep desire for whatever he does and adores seeing old things appear brand new.