Pete Nelson Net Worth 2019

Who is Pete Nelson and what is his net worth 2019? Pete Nelson is identified as a master treehouse constructor, an author and since year 2013, she functioned as host working for the Animal Planet television show entitled as Treehouse Masters. Net worth of Pete Nelson is so high that you just cannot imagine how he made it from such careers, get further details below:

Nelson turned enthusiastic about treehouses when he was a kid of age 5 while his father had constructed him one tree fort behindhand the garage in their Ridgewood, in NJ home. However, it was not till year 1987 he had constructed his initial adult treehouse inside his Colorado Springs patio.

Pete Nelson Net Worth

It is found that Nelson operates Nelson Treehouse and Supply, known as a flourishing treehouse construction as well as supply firm, as well as Treehouse Point, a treehouse Bed & Breakfast situated external to Seattle. This celebrity lives along his wife named Judy, in Fall City, located in Washington and he is having three adult kids. All these children function in the family Treehouse building based business.


In year 1987, dream of Nelson to make a career inside treehouses was renewed by a book entitled Huts and Forts, How to Build Treehouses, written by Stiles. This book was directed towards him by one high school based friend and soon afterward, he constructed his leading adult treehouse inside his courtyard in Springs, relocating to Washington State during that identical year, wherein he has built houses and began writing books on treehouses.

Apart from this Nelson possesses and runs Nelson Treehouse & Supply inside Fall City, in WA. This place is located 30 miles external of Seattle as well as the firm is basically a family issue, running in association with wife named Judy, daughter named Emily and sons namely Henry and Charlie. It is known that year 1994 based book of Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb stimulated him to compose five additional books on this subject.

In year 1997, his fame increased globally as he has co-founded the Tree-House Workshop. In year 2006, he started opened Treehouse Point, known as a bed-and-breakfast made completely of treehouses, nearby Fall City external of Seattle, in WA. In year 2013, it is revealed that Animal Planet has started Treehouse Masters, known as a documentary based series showing Nelson as well as his crew touring the world and constructing treehouses. As of year 2015, this show was making average of 1.3 million viewers every episode.

Last year, Pete Nelson has teamed up with country music celeb named Zac Brown to construct a 1,300 square foot area treehouse at place- Brown’s Camp Southern Ground. This is actually a non-profit which is made to facilitate kids by neuro-developmental complaints as well as kids belonging from military family backgrounds facing with PTSD.

Net Worth of Pete Nelson

Pete Nelson is recognised as a treehouse builder as well as a reality show personality holding net worth of $3.5 million. His earning increased after he stayed as the founder as well as a CEO of Nelson Treehouse and Supply and Treehouse Point. This celeb is extensively measured the greatest builder of treehouses all over the world, as well as he has authored many books on the subject, like, “New Treehouses of the World”, “Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb”, etc.

Apart from making treehouses in association with his company -Nelson Treehouse and Supply, this person earned high by operating Treehouse Point, known as a sanctuary wherein any people can stay in his treehouses for brief span of time. Moreover, he is most extensively acknowledged as a subject of famous reality series entitled “Treehouse Masters”, aired on Animal Planet, from year 2013.

Till now, Pete Nelson is commonly renowned for making treehouses in association with his company -Nelson Treehouse and Supply. Also, he is extensively measured the greatest builder of treehouses all over the world. This celebrity’s newest undertaking is staying a host of Animal Planet’s famous television series entitled as Treehouse Masters.