Nikki Mudarris Net Worth

Who is Nikki Mudarris and what is her net worth 2018? Nikki Mudarris is one of the charming television personality in American TV industry. She also worked as a model due to her beautiful face cut and got attention from TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” which is the main source of her income and probably the reason for this much net worth in a very short period.

Nikki Mudarris is an American native, who was born on 28 June 1990 with a name Nicole Mudarris in Los Angeles, United States of America and grew up in California. She is of Morrocan and Lebanese descent and brought up in a very stable family where her father Anthony Omar Mudarris, involved in an entertainment business. She has a sister whose name is Monique. Nikki is well educated woman and had graduated as a Business major from the University of Southern California and titled as one of the best students of the institution. She is a controversial artist to be honest in the past year but it has done her no harm.

Nikki Mudarris Net Worth

Nikki has been part of some scandals as well and honestly speaking it has given her a lot of publicity and was the subject of media attention because a private tape of her and her then boyfriend, Mally Mall, came out at that time. Due to her charming looks she has been engaged to many famous men such as Rosa Acosta, Austin Daye, and Jamal Rashid as well. She is unmarried right now and does not have a husband. However, some private sources claim that she was dating her boyfriend Mally Mall.

As Nikki’s fans call her Miss Nikki Baby, she was one of the aesthetic reality TV show personality in the recent years. She had dreamed to become a model in her childhood and surprisingly her dream come true due to lots of efforts made by her. As a teenager, she started working as a model, entrepreneur and reality television star. Nikki is a socialite and strip club owner. Nikki’s primarily business is handling and managing her family’s Hollywood and Las Vegas clubs which was passed on to her by her father.

In 2014, Nikki got huge response and attention, when joined the second season of the reality television series “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” where she became girlfriend of one of the most famous music producers Mally Mall. In the third season she appeared as one of the main cast members, so we will be able to see more of her private life on our TV screens. Nikki is also active in social media site such as Instagram and twitter, got many followers on her account.

This section of our article is empty, as Nikki has a controversial image among some of the personality, she had never associated with any awards and honours. But due to her good looks and charming personality, she got pretty much attention in a very limited and short period it may be possible to get numerous awards in the near future.

Nikki Mudarris Net Worth

Nikki Mudarris is one of the remarkable reality TV show personality and got eye catching response due to her controversial activities. She is a socialite as well as a business woman, who carry forward her family business and achieve much of the net worth from this. Her TV show appearance also contribute her in increasing her net worth. Nikki’s estimated net worth is around $1 million which is a hefty sum for a young aesthetic model.

She has lots more stuffs to do in her upcoming life and we will certainly see more from her in the future. We wish her to achieve myriad success in forthcoming endeavours whether it is in TV shows or in business career.