Max Kellerman Net Worth

Who is Max Kellerman and what is his net worth 2018? American sports television celebrity and boxing commentator, Max Kellerman is most popularly known for his role as a color commentator on HBO Boxing after Dark and World Championship Boxing. He is currently serving as the co-host of ESPN’s SportsNation, ESPN’s First Take as well as ESPNLA’s afternoon drive-time sports talk. He has also worked as a studio commentator for ESPN’s Friday Night Fights as well as Around the Horn’s original host.

Kellerman was born on August 6, 1973 in New York City, New York. He attended P.S. 41 followed by the Hunter College High School and then Columbia University. He is a big fan of hip-hop music and had formed a hip-hop group with his late brother Sam. The group, titled, Max and Sam was signed in 1994 by Columbia Records. The duo had recorded the music video for the song, Young Man Rumble.

Max Kellerman Net Worth

He is married to Erin Manning and has three daughters.

Kellerman started his broadcasting journey with Max on Boxing, a public-access television cable TV show centered around pro-boxing. The show caught the eye of the boxing community of the likes of Mike Tyson.

Following his graduation from Columbia University in the late 1990s, he started working in ESPN’s Friday Night Fights as an analyst. He started hosting his very first show, Around the Horn in 2002 after being influenced by Pardon the Interruption. He then left the ESPN network to join Fox Sports Net, where he started hosting a brand-new show titled, I, Max. The show was cancelled in 2005, following which he started co-hosting 2006’s King of Vegas of Spike TV.

In 2005, Kellerman also became a permanent contributor for Tucker Carlson’s MSNBC show, Tucker. The show was cancelled in 2008. In 2006, he started hosting audition shows at 7 PM for WEPN 1050 ESPN Radio, followed by the 10 AM to noon show on WEPN and extending the show to 1 PM in 2007. The show was added to ESPN Xtra’s XM Radio in 2008. This show was later renamed to The Max Kellerman Show after his co-host, Brian Kenny’s leave from the show.

He left ESPN Radio and started working with HBO’s Boxing After Dark, followed by the HBO World Championship Boxing. He was hired by CNN in 2010 as well as announced to be the co-host of the ESPNLA 710.

As of 2016, he has been working as the co-analyst of ESPN’s First Take.

Max Kellerman Net Worth

Through his prosperous and long career as a boxing commentator and TV personality, he has an estimated worth of $7 million.

Besides being a TV commentator, Kellerman has also dabbled in acting. He has made an appearance in 2006’s Rocky Balboa, where he played the role of the broadcast team for the Rocky vs. Mason fight. In 2015, he appeared in the movie, Creed, as the interviewer interviewing Creed at the end of his fight with Conlan. He has also appeared in the short film, The Wedding Band where he played himself. In Real Husbands of Hollywood, he has again played himself.