Maury Povich Net Worth

Maury Povich is a man that has built his career around excellence. He is a man that has understood what it means to sell yourself by how you look, how you speak and how you present yourself in general. He is a man with a warm smile on his face and it is this warmness that makes people love him even more. Maury is a television presenter who has been gracing our televisions a countless number of times. It is never boring to watch Maury in action. He is famously known for his hosting role on the tabloid talk show Maury.

Maury Povich Early life

Maurice Richard Povich was born in the year 1939 in January. He is an American citizen born in Washington D.C. He is the child to Shirley Povich and Ethyl. He studied at London School where he graduated in the year 1957. He enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and majored in journalism. He graduated in the year 1962.

Maury Povich Net Worth 2017-2018

After he had graduated from the university, it did not take him a long time before he landed his first job as a publicist and a reporter at WWDC radio station. He later became a news reporter and a sportscaster for WTTG-TV in Washington D.C. In 1967, he became a co-host of a famous talk show called Panorama. This show made him gain that national recognition he needed to take his career to the next level. Up to 1983, he had worked with stations in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia as a news anchor.

Between 1986 and 1990, he was the host of A Current Affair. This was a big show for him as it had a large number of viewing from people. It was described as entertaining and educating making it even more interesting.

Maury was also the president of the New York Chapter of the National Television Academy for a period of two terms. In 1991, he started hosting his show called The Maury Povich Show. It was syndicated and distributed by Paramount Domestic Television which partnered with MoPo Productions; a company that belonged to Maurice.

In 1998, the show was sold to Studio USA, and it was renamed to Maury. The show became even popular because it had a segment where paternity tests were revealed on national TV after fathers denied being the birth fathers.

Maury has also hosted shows like Twenty One, Weekends with Maury and Connie. He also featured in the sitcom called How I Met Your Mother, the sixth season. He also appeared in Madea’s Big Happy Family as himself. In 2015, he appeared on The Jack and Triumph Show.

Maury Povich net worth in 2017

Maury is an established and accomplished television host and television personality. He has put in a lot of hard work in his career. For that reason, his net worth is estimated to be $50 million US dollars with a salary of $15 million as of 2017.

As a television host, Maury is great at what he does. He is talented and has massive skills. He is a man with limitless potentials, and we get to see that every day. There is still a lot more of surprises that the future holds and we hope that he keeps giving us his best.