Mark Worman Net Worth 2019

Who is Mark Worman and what is his net worth 2019? Mark Worman is a producer and a director. He is best known for his appearance on automotive reality show “Graveyard Carz” aired on Velocity TV network. In addition, he is the auto body shop owner “Welby`s Car Care and Restorations.” He started working in the industry when he was in his teens. This gave him vast of experience to go ahead and launch his own business later on. He is well equipped with knowledge about car parts and vehicles restorations.

Early Life

Mark Worman was born in Springfield, Oregon at Eugene`s Sacred Heart Hospital. He attended Yolanda Elementary and Alice School. However, he dropped out of school half way through his ninth grade. His father succumbed to cancer hence Mark decided to leave school to look after their family. His mother was affected by their father’s demise making mark opt to staying at home where his mother could watch him make car toys. Nevertheless, he completed his education course through a program at Lane Community College where he earned his high school diploma.

Mark Worman Net Worth

Mark worked at Wonder Bread in Springfield during his mid-teens. Additionally, he worked in various local garages rising from pump Jockey to a mechanic until he reached a position in the management. He then launched “Welbys Car Care Centre” as a small business with only three bay shops.

This was after Wonder Bread was closed and in turn, Mark Woman took charge and made a garage out of the business which dealt with car parts prior. The garage evolved to an ultimate auto body shop featured on `Graveyard Carz` to date. Mark, in a collaboration with his team created a show that focused on Mopars but the show did not draw the attention of a large audience.

With time, Mark Worman put together a crew that shot six shows on a Sony Handycam along with a two-microphone mixer. Finally, Mark and his team got a distributor from Australia cutting a deal with “HD Theatre”. This was to pay them $ 500 per episode. From that point henceforth, Mark Worman and his team are ranked as 1 or 2 on the `Graveyard Carz` channelled on Velocity TV show.

Net Worth of Mark Worman

Mark Worman have appeared in many episodes on the Graveyard Carz TV series. His estimated net worth is $600 thousands. He owes this wealth to his success in auto-body shop operations. In 2010, he documented the entire process of restoring a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. The footage became the `pilot` for “Graveyard Carz,”. This is a reality series about his shop, “Welby`s Car Care. To succeed in this industry, he figured out that, “if you don’t shoot it, you don’t have it.”

Mark Worman was brought up in an environment that mirrored car features. He was passionate about car magazines. This made him to be more curious about cars and car parts. Additionally, he was a movie fanatic from a tender age and he paid great attention on matters relating to everything to do with cars.