Liam Gatsby Net Worth 2019

Who is Liam Gatsby and what is his net worth 2019? Liam Gatsby AKA Liam Blackwell is a British reality Television star and an aspiring rapper. He became a part of the British reality TV series titled “The Only Way is Essex” in 2015 along with 16 other fresh cast members. There is a connection between most stars on the show and it is the same scenario for Gatsby.

He is Debie Bright’s godson and Lydia Bright’s cousin. Gatby belongs to a very rich family and wants to make it big in music and acting. He compares himself to an Indian Scott Dissick and wants to be more famous for his rap. Gatsby took another step towards his goal when he signed the deal for his debut album and also collaborated with his “The Only Way is Essex” (TOWIE) co-star James Argent for the first music video.

Liam Gatsby Net Worth

He aimed at maintaining good production quality for his launch and decided to use a private jet plane and a helicopter. A main portion of the storyline of the show TOWIE includes dating so we constantly see Gatsby going after Ferne McCann. After an argument at the Halloween costume party, a promising relationship between the two ended. Gatsby was later seen with an unknown girl at The Luxe nightclub.

Net Worth of Liam Gatsby

Before joining the cast of ‘The Only Way is Essex’, Gatsby was already recognised as someone belonging to a rich background. The total net-worth of this reality TV star and aspiring rapper is $2.5 million and a major part of it has come through TOWIE. He believes in splurging it well and living an extravagant and luxurious life.

The business strategy of this rich brat from Essex has been as simple as it can get for him. Already belonging to a rich family, Gatsby has never really needed to struggle. He has always believed in living a luxurious and high standard life which is also seen in TOWIE. He has plans to make a career as a rap artist as well and also managed to crack his first record deal.

Gatsby’s life has mostly been centered on TOWIE and his music career in recent times. After signing his first record deal in 2016, he is looking to give his rap career a jump and also hopes to maintain his popularity with “The Only Way is Essex”. In his first video he featured the beautiful Ferne McCann who also happens to be his TOWIE co-star. In the song, he took her on a helicopter ride for a first date and has insured that there is no compromise on the production quality of his songs.

Gatsby’s life looks like a typical explanation of a rich brat’s life which is probably one of the major reasons he was cast in the BAFTA winning British reality show “The Only Way is Essex” and is also most known through that. The show has also helped him in his budding music career as a rapper and his first video proved that Gatsby believes in splurging on his videos. Although it did not do any harm as it was his debut music video and gave him a good launch.