Kody Brown Net Worth 2019

Who is Kody Brown and what is his net worth 2019? Kody Brown is a well known TV personality for characterising his family in the renowned TLC family show Sister Wives. Before becoming a reality TV personality, Kody previously did the job of an advertising Salesman. The reality series Kody Brown provided much popularity and esteem to Kody Brown. Not only wealth but also he has acquired nationwide popularity with the series Sister Wives. With all this, we are left with an open question that what is the net worth of Kody Brown? Let’s have a look on the income profile and some more details about him.

Early Life

In Lovell, Wyoming, United States, Kody Brown was born on 17th January 1969 to parents William Winn Brown and Genielle Brown. He has 9 siblings.

Kody Brown Net Worth

Kody Brown is a polygamist Morman with 4 wives. He is the husband and father of the Brown family. He was married to Meri on 21st April, 1990. They both have one legal child named Mariah. Then, Brown was married to Jenelle on 20th January, 1993. They together have 6 children. After that, he was married to Christine on 25th March, 1994. He has again 6 children with Christine. On 22nd May, 2010, he was married to Robyn. They have 5 children in which 3 of them are adopted by Kody Brown.


Before becoming a reality TV personality, Kody Brown previously did the job of an internet advertising Salesman. Kody Brown featured in an American reality TV series named Sister Wives aired on TLC that first premiered on 26th September, 2010. The show displays the life of a polygamist family of Kody Brown, incorporating with his 4 wives and also their 18 children. In Lehi, Utah, the family initiated the series. Since 2011, they have migrated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

From 26th September to 21st November, 2010, the first season of the Sister Wives of 9 episodes ran. The season premiere presented viewers to Kody Brown and his 3 wives named Meri, Jenelle and Christine along with 12 children. From 13th March, 2011 to 27th November, 2011, the 2nd season of 23 episodes ran. In this season, Kody Brown and his family headed to New York to perform on nationwide TV for the very first time as open polygamists. On 13th May, 2012, the 3rd season of 21 episodes featuring mainly Kody Brown, his wives and children, was premiered.

These episodes subsequently focused with the inabilities of family. On 21st July, 2013, the 4th season was premiered. It relates the family as they shift into 4 adjoining homes. Then 5th season was premiered incorporating 7 episodes. Kody Brown has acquired much fame and familiarity from his own reality series, Sister Wives.

Kody Brown is the main character in his own reality TV series named Sister Wives. He has acquired not only wealth from this show but also popularity and fame which is the great achievement in his life.

Net Worth of Kody Brown

The net worth of Kody Brown has been estimated to be $1 million. He has acquired this great amount of net worth by featuring in his own reality TV series, Sister Wives. His hard work, determination and success are responsible for having this huge amount of net worth with him. He is one of the well renowned and richest personalities in the TV industry.

Kody Brown is well familiar as a polygamist. He has 4 wives and 18 children. His reality TV series provided him much fame, wealth and nationwide popularity.