Kari Byron Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of more than $2 Million US dollars in the year 2017, Kari Byron is an American artist, who used to host science related TV shows. She got popularity from Discovery channel TV show hosting and currently working with different-different channels, due to which her net worth go up recently. Her hard work and good dialog delivery while hosting make him one of the most talented science TV show host.

Kari Byron Biography

Born as Kari Elizabeth Byron Urich on 18 December 1974 and grew up in Santa Clara County, California, U.S., Kari Byron is an American native, who worked as an artist as well as TV show hosting. She is better known for hosting show “MythBusters” which was telecast in Discovery channel. She attended Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, California and later in May 1998 joined San Francisco State University, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in film and sculpture as her subject.

Kari Byron Net Worth 2017-2018

Just after graduating, she participant in some art projects all over the world, and spent her starting time in South Asia. In 2006, she got married with Paul Urich, who is an artist and they have one daughter, Stella Ruby born in 2009. Simultaneously, after graduating college and traveling the world she decided to settle in San Francisco and pursue a career as a sculptor and apply for internship at M5 Industries. She got selected there and met her colleague Jamie Hyneman, which turned out to be a career in television and the beginning of Mythbusters.

Kari Byron has giving a strong presence for over a decade in the world of reality show hosting-based science television. In 2003, she started her career as an artist in TV reality show hosting. Byron is better known as a host on Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” and was a cast member of this amazing show from Season 1 until Season 12 and is one of the longest-running shows on the Discovery Channel. She got an internship at M5 industries with Jamie Hyneman. After this from 2010-2011, began to produce her own TV show “Head Rush” which aired in Science Channel focused on teenager and scientific activities. She had also hosted number of shows such as Punkin Chunkin, LDRS, Thrill Factor, Strange Trips, America Declassified, and she is currently hosting amazing show “The White Rabbit Project”.

She also portrayal as a guest appearance in 2012 episode of the Discovery series “Sons of Guns”. In 2016, she started her next project which focused on unusual aspects from history and pop culture in collaboration with Netfix production named “White Rabbit Project”, she host this show along with her colleague Imahara and Belleci and the show got enough popularity in recent time. After the success of MythBusters, Byron still makes sculptures which is also her hobby but she no longer displays them in any exhibitions, you can see her work which are available in her website.

Kari Byron achieve lots of success in her very small career as an artist as well as TV reality show hosting. She was nominated for ASTRA Awards for Favorite International Personality or Actress in the year 2008. We can’t judge any one skills only by seeing how many awards he or she got. We can judge them only by his or her past experience in life and dedication to work. Although Kari’s award winning list is empty but we must say she achieve more success than winning an award in her life.

Kari Byron Net Worth and Income Profile in 2017

Her net worth is more than $2 Million US dollars as of 2017 which is a hefty total for an artist cum TV show host. Her mind-blowing way of presentation of the science centric reality shows make her net worth to this level and always contribute in increasing that amount. In addition, she also worked as an artist and make sculptures that is also supports in raising net worth.

Kari Byron is currently 43 year of age, her passion and love toward science make it all happen and also smart entertainment has lead her around the world. Her dedication towards science show hosting do a marvelous job and help her to get popularity.