Judd Nelson Net Worth

The 56 years old American actor Judd Nelson is famously known for his character John Bender in The Breakfast Club. Nelson was born to a Jewish family in Portland on 28th November 1959. Nelson began his acting in the mid-1980s from making the Grades. Nelson has worked in both Television and films. He is popularly known for playing bad boy roles. He is a reputed bad guy of the 80s. Judd Nelson has been awarded the MTV Movie + T.V awards, which were shared by the co-actors of The breakfast club.

Judd Nelson is popularly known for his negative roles in Television and films. He started his career as an actor in 1980s. He was born to a Jewish family in Portland. He was the only son child to his parent with two sisters. He went to Haverford College but left his school and moved to Manhattan to learn acting in 1980. Nelson made his debut in the street-smart Eddie Keaton in Making the Grade. His portrayal of the tough teen in the Breakfast club helped him become a star. The role helped him build an image of anti-hero and bad boy. Though he is a versatile actor still he is known for his negative roles even after 30 years of his acting career.

Judd Nelson Net Worth 2017-2018

Personal life

The versatile actor has dated many renowned actresses like Sheila Lussier. This actor has never ever encountered a controversy in his 30-year career of actor, producer, and director. The actor was also rumored to be engaged with Shannen Doherty but currently, he is believed to be single.

Judd Nelson Net worth

Judd Nelson has been cast in many movies and television series. He has earned his popularity by playing tough roles. Playing a tough guy in the breakfast club brought him into the limelight for the first time. He has served the film industry for about 30 years now. And today according to the known resources, his net worth is $8 million. He is a screenwriter, actor, and director. With his multi-talent, he has won the heart of his fan for about 30 years and now he earns $8 million. His not only a monetarily rich actor but his talent and his vision are equally rich. His unique talent has brought him a position where he earns millions per annum.

Started his career as an actor he has reached a stage where he has billion for the fan. Who loves his work. And after 30 years of acting people still, love to see him on screen. His bad boy image has definitely taken him to the sky-high levels. He has not been awarded by many awards but people’s love and affection is the true award he has won. With a net worth of $8 million, Judd Nelson is ready to rock the world. He has not only raised his bank balance but also polished his talent of being a screenwriter, director, producer and actor with time and his work on the screen says it all.