Jon Gosselin Net Worth

Who is Jon Gosselin and what is his net worth 2018? Jonathon Keith Gosselin or Jon Gosselin is famous as an American television star, and he is famous for his appearance on the American reality show, Jon and Kate plus 8, with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin and eight children. He and his family were the centres of attraction of the show which aired on April 4, 2007. This series was rated as one of the best series and continued till the fifth season with a viewing record of 9.8 million viewers.

Gosselin was born and brought up in Wyomissing in Pennsylvania on April 4; 1977.He is the middle child among the three children in their family. His father, Thomas Gosselin was a pediatric dentist by profession, and he inherited a French-Irish ancestry, whereas his mother Pamela Castello, who intermitted a Korean-American ancestry by birth and she were from Hawaii. Unfortunately, Jon’s father died on January 13, 2005.

Jon Gosselin Net Worth

In his academic career, Jon Gosselin graduated from Wyomissing High school.

Jon has a different starting at the beginning of his career. He took a job in a company, known as Green point energy, situated in Pennsylvania. The company dealt in solar panel install. Later on, he left this job and became the waiter in two eateries near his home in Robeson Township.

Later on, he was promoted as a head waiter in one of the restaurants.

The year of January in 2015 brought some variations in his life as this year he started to work as a DJ. As a DJ he used to perform 12 to 15 musical performances in a month in his hometown.

Gosselin got married with Kate Kreider, whom she met on a picnic party held by the company on June 12 1999. In their married life they had blessed with twin daughter on 2004.but the most amazing thing happened when Kate gave birth to sextuplets, among which three were son and three were daughters. This incident drew the attention of media, and they come into limelight. When the sextuplets grew 17 months old, they get an offer from the Discovery Health Channel to appear on a reality show series.

In 2005 the Discovery Health Special Sextuplets and Twins premiered, and one year later the Gosselin family were featured in another series called, “Sextuplets and twin: One year later”. Both the show gain high popularity and fame and the couple signed in a series that started in 2007. Now as the family began to appear on the show, they got a good amount as payment.

Later on they switch on to the TCL channel and their fame and earning both increased rapidly.

Jon Had Experienced a drastic set back in his career regarding the divorce case with his wife. Following their separation, TLC announced on September 29,2009, that Jon and Kate plus eight would be aired with a different name, Kate’s plus. Jon’s appearance on the show was continued, but his appearance on the show become less frequent. On October 1, 2009, Jon has lodged a legal suit against TCL, and the controversy between them increases regarding the contract. Later on, TCl also filed a suit against Jon claiming that they have lost $30,000 as Jon has voided the contract with TCL.

Jon Gosselin Net Worth

Jon Gosselin has a net worth of $250 thousand. Hence he has always engaged in any job, but the television popularity makes him wealthier. His earning estimated from per episode of Jon & Keith; plus eight was $22,500 and he has made his appearance in 108 episodes. Jon has also tried for business in the field of fashion and producing TV Shows, but as he signed a contract with TCL previously, he could not proceed much.

His life has shown him both the ups and downs and how to cope up with. Hence he is trying his best to come out all controversies and stand again. We wish him good luck.