Jessica Parido Net Worth

Who is Jessica Parido and what is her net worth 2018? Jessica is a reality TV star who appeared on the show named “Shahs of Sunset” and has a high net worth, which is an amazing amount of money for anyone on an international level.

Jessica was born on 12 December 1988 in Orange County, California. During her high school days, she attended the LACC Theatre Academy. She has a mixed ethnicity of Iranian-American and holds an American nationality. Jessica had an immense love for acting since her childhood. She also auditioned for various roles in her school and performed on stage.

Jessica Parido Net Worth

When she was ill, her chances of survival as predicted by her doctors were very low. But she got a bone marrow transplant from her beloved sister Kristina, and also ended up spending eight months recovering at the Yorba Linda Hospital in California.

She was also home-schooled until she was around 15th birthday. But she still is a well-rounded personality who is happy and spontaneous as a person. She is currently single, although she was previously married to one Mike Shouhed on 29th March 2015. The couple when married went to Ibiza for their honeymoon followed by Mykonos and Paris as well.

Just four months into their marriage saw Jessica Parido and her now ex-husband went through a divorce. And strangely enough, they got married again, but it wasn’t meant to be this time around too. The second divorce was filed for on 20th November 2015, with the divorce being finalised on the 9th of June 2017. They do not have any children together.

Jessica is known to have worked as a registered nurse after whom she was diagnosed with cancer. She overcame battle with that illness with Great Spirit and went on to star in the reality show named “Shahs of Sunset.” This appearance spanned the years from 2012-2016, and she gained a large amount of followers and a massive amount of fame.

Jessica has lived life to the fullest, no matter what difficulty she has faced. This will always be her biggest achievement in the public eye. As far as formal recognition goes, she has hundreds of thousands followers on various social media accounts such as twitter, Instagram, and so on and so forth.

Jessica Parido Net Worth

Jessica earns a decent amount of money from her acting career, as her current net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Her net worth mainly stems from her appearance on the reality TV show “Shahs of Sunset.” She also makes a considerable amount of revenue from endorsements and online revenues.

Jessica Parido is an average person with a well-above average passion for life, and this has gotten her through some pretty tough times, and brought her a lot of success. She is also surrounded by people, who love her dearly, like her sister who donated her marrow without thinking twice. All being said and done, she is a great person with a good future ahead of her.