Jep Robertson Net Worth

Who is Jep Robertson and what is his net worth 2018? Jep Silas Robertson is a well renowned American television star who made a mark in the Hollywood industry in a short span of time. What makes him stand out in the crowd is his indomitable spirit which keeps him going every single day. Apart from being successful in his ventures, he is undoubtedly a humble man.

Jep Robertson was born in the year 1969 and is a popular face of reality shows like Duck Dynasty. He is currently living in West Monroe, Louisiana with his family. He has 3 brothers namely Alan, Jeptha and Willie. He was born to Phil Robertson and Marsha Kay Robertson. During the early days of his childhood, he spent most of the time with his father and brothers by doing several hunting expeditions which they all enjoyed thoroughly. He was more of an adventurous person and loved to play adventurous sports.

Jep Robertson Net Worth 2018-2019

According to sources on net ,Jep Robertson is currently married to Jessica Roberston and have five children namely Jules Augustus Robertson, Priscilla Robertson, Lily Robertson, River Robertson, Merritt Robertson. The couple is happily married and has managed to sustain their love even after years of marriage.

Jep Roberston’s initially started his career as a camera operator for his fathers company which was Duck Commander. He appeared on television show “Duck Commander” in the year 2009 which was the major breakthrough in his career. Apart from that, he was also the production manager of the show and became extremely popular after the appearance on the reality series in the year 2012 for “Duck Dynasty”.

It is said that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol during his teenage years which not only affected his mental and physical health, but also his career. Also, according to sources on net, he was a victim of molestation and such incidents in his early teenage years had a great impact on his overall personality. However, he is now a successful actor and his remarkable performances make him stand class apart from others in the same acting line.

Jeb Robertson’s ultimate TV reality show namely “ Duck Dynasty” is one of the most popular non fiction series in the history. With a record breaking 11.8 million viewers on its 4th season premier, the show was well received by the audiences.

Jep Robertson Net Worth

Jep Robertson’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. His increased share of net worth can be attributed to multitude factors. However, the major reason is his excellent acting skills which has made him extremely popular among the people.

In a nutshell, Jep Robertson is one of the versatile personalities all over the world. His commitment towards work has influenced people to dream big in life and chase their goal till the last breath. He is a man of action and has achieved indefeasible feats in life within a short span of time. No wonder that he has been acclaimed by his competitors from versatile fields.