James Kennedy Net Worth 2019

Who is James Kennedy nd what is his net worth 2019? James Georgiou was born in 1992 in London and he became famous for his role in a TV reality show Vanderpump Rules. This particular show tracks lives of Vanderpump’s employees, while they collaborate and work in their usual routine, just like there were no cameras around. Reality television is the key to his popularity.

When TV crew follows up a regular people we always assume that they have a lot of money. The truth is not as it seems because some of them have a normal job, such as we first thought about James Kennedy, but they are paid to be on television, and also they make money with endorsements, sponsors, and other appearances.

James Kennedy Net Worth

However, the truth between James Kennedy is not that simple. It was revealed that his father managed WHAM! And George Michael solo career and his mother were an actress and model. What is more amazing, it was revealed that George Michael is his godfather.

Apparently, George’s father and James’s grandfather were from the same village in Cyprus and they immigrated together to London where they started new lives. This friendship led to Andros (James Kennedy father) and George becoming friends, too. When George became worldwide sensation first with WHAM! and after in solo career, Andros was always there for him.

When George established Hardback Records in 1986 Andros was managing director of Aegean Records. Andros was in charge of Aegan when this record company became one of the first adopters of digital music distribution, even before iTunes or Spotify.

Andros and George were so close that James called him a dad’s cousin once on Vanderpump reality show. George was a great part of the family. However, Andros and George haven’t spoken for years. Everything became different when George was arrested in 1998 for engaging in a lewd act in public restroom. It had only gotten worse when Andros sent to HELLO! photo of George’s late mother. However, the long year friendship ended when they had an argument about Ginger Spice where Andros called her a bitch. That was their last conversation.

Net Worth of James Kennedy

James Kennedy overall net worth is around $600 thousand. Of course, it seems that he is financially stable because his parents are wealthy people. Wham! and George Michael was the most popular act in the 1980’s and 1999’s, so if his father was involved in that machinery, he has enough money and net worth. James Kennedy has stated that he had lived in Spain, California, and London.

However, we could thank Vanderpump Rules because from that show we now that he was a busboy at SUR, which means that he lives from tips. Also, he is a DJ at PUMP, and that could give him some additional money. He slowly gains better money with his frequent appearance on TV, various sponsorship, and commercials.

In Vanderpump he played a bad boy that gets into numerous fights and it seemed like a very unstable person, the main antagonist in this reality show. However, he stated later that he was just pretending in order to buy new BMW. All that he does is take care of this beautiful car. He works as a DJ so that affected final amount of net worth. He is very popular on Instagram and other social media networks and he uploads his photos with BMW on daily basis.

He has more than hundred thousand followers, which is good for a minor reality show star. After the word was spread out that his godfather is George Michael various theories came in mind to media. One of them was, that he inherited some amount from Uncle George, however, we cannot speculate without any proof. However, we can also agree that his lifestyle, according to his photos and posts, isn’t cheap at all.

Everyone will always remember him as an evil character with lots of habits and bad choices, so through whole reality TV series, most of the viewers hated him. However, we can all agree that he left some trail in that particular show, and there is no possibility for you to remember that it, without remembering him, too.