Jacques Pepin Net Worth

Presently of age 82, Jacques Pepin is renowned as a globally acknowledged French chef, a TV personality, as well as an author serving in US. From late 1980s, this chef has been featured on French as well as American television and has written a collection of cookbooks which have turned as best sellers. It is possible that you get confused while getting details of net worth of Jacques Pepin, hence read below:

Pepin, known to be the second of three sons of his parents, belonged to Bourg-en-Bresse, located around Lyon inside France. After completion of Second World War, this chef’s parents namely, Jean-Victor and Jeannette Pepin, possessed the restaurant named Le Pélican, wherein he served and afterwards turned famous for his affection for food.

Jacques Pepin Net Worth 2017-2018

From year 1956 till 1958, in his military service, he was working as a personal chef for three French based heads of state, comprising Charles de Gaulle. During year 1959, he arrived to US in order to serve at a restaurant named Le Pavillon. Quickly after his entrance, Craig Claiborne, renowned food editor working at the New York Times, presented him to Helen McCully, the person who accepted him below her wing.

It is known that McCully presented him to Julia Child flashing their lengthy friendship as well as collaboration. After eight months, in year 1961, Howard Johnson, known as a regular Le Pavillon client, appointed Pepin to serve with fellow named Frenchman Pierre Franey in order to establish food lines intended for his series of Howard Johnson’s restaurants, whereas Pepin was appearing in university.

Till now, Pepin has featured in many television shows. The achievement of his book entitled as La Technique, applied till this day in form of a textbook for imparting the basics of French cookery, encouraged him to start an on-screen edition. This resulted in a commended year 1997 based PBS series entitled as The Complete Pépin.

Launched again on PBS after ten years of its former run, this series encompassed a latest introduction by him wherein he focused that presently more than ever the top-secret to become a popular chef and not a simple line cook present in identifying and utilising the appropriate technique.

In year 1999, he was co-starred in famous PBS series entitled Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home along with Julia Child. This program was actually bestowed by Daytime Emmy during year 2001. The chef’s show entitled as Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way operated on PBS, and Jacques Pepin: More Fast Food My Way is presently broadcasted on PBS’ Create.

Pepin was essentially a guest judge working on fifth season of the famous Bravo TV show entitled as Top Chef, broadcasted during year 2008. He works as an Executive Culinary Director mainly for Oceania Cruises, in that he supervises seven different on-board restaurants like Jacques Bistro.

How much is Jacques Pepin Net Worth in 2017

Jacques Pepin is essentially a French based chef, TV personality, as well as an author holding prominent net worth of $22 million US dollars as of 2017. This chef has served in his parents’ restaurant named Le Pelican and later worked in Paris. Moreover, he earned by serving as a personal chef for three different French based heads of state from period of 1956 till 1958 and later relocated to US during year 1959 to serve at Le Pavillon.

He was employed by Howard Johnson in order to establish food lines made for his series of restaurants. In year 2000, this celebrity has hosted the TV series entitled Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home. From period of 2013 till 2014, he earned excellently by frequently appearing in form of a chef on famous TV series entitled Rachael Ray.

There are many few French chefs that are so successful as Jacques Pepin is at present. Apart from his culinary talents, he has hosted many TV shows and series being a host till now, adding to his fame.