Ivy Calvin Net Worth

Who is Ivy Calvin and what is his net worth 2018? Ivy Calvin is a determined businessman who is commonly known as ‘king of Palmdale’. He knows his business fully and has good customer relation which enables him to keep his customer to himself. He acquired his fame from the storage wars a TV show. Ivy Calvin is known to be a cool humble guy full of inspiration and never give up on anything easily. It is with these characters that ivy Calvin has been able to do so many achievements in his life.

Ivy Calvin is a resident in the United States of America born on September 10TH 1971. Calvin is a television personality and is a known star in various TV show. He is married to his wife Wendy with two handsome sons, Isaiah and Ivy. His main source of income that contributed to his net worth mainly comes from TV show. Ivy Calvin is a former football player who has acted as an assistance football coach before venturing into the TV show.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth

Ivy Calvin worked as an MMA fighter who used to surprise many people any time he would approach you. He also worked as football player and as an assistance football coach at Vasauez high school. Later on, Ivy Calvin became a TV personality gaining fame from his popular TV show.

He appeared on the popular history channel hit television show by the name ‘storage wars’. He appeared in the show as a part time cast member .In the 3rd season of the `show`,he appeared in more than 50 episodes of the show which strongly established him as a core player of the show ‘storage wars’.

After investing so much of his time in storage, sales and auctions, he later in 2009 focused himself and decided to start a thrift store. The thrift store was located in palmadale, California under the name Grandmas Attic.

In 2002, while working at MMA fighter he managed Samu Samu in the UAGFZ.This victory emerged from the ultimate cage fighting event an event that was highly competitive.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth

Ivy Calvin has appeared in several TV show in his career life span. He has been regarded as one of the finest TV personality in popular TV show. Calvin is approximated to have a net worth around $1.8 million. The main source of his wealth is from the TV show ‘storage show’ where he is featured largely.

Other than the TV show being main source of his net worth , he is also MMA fighter and a football player .With all this branching of his career, he Has been able to venture in different fields something expected to increase his net worth in coming years.

Apart from that, ivy Calvin is also a business owner who makes huge a profit from his shop.

Ivy Calvin is said to be so private and personal when it comes to his personal life and even his relationship. Despite this, sometimes he is too bold enough to open up. Both Calvin and his wife Wendy are active on twitter where they share their personal life relating to their children and their business. While he is not filming, he usually spends most of his time fishing with his son.