Harvey Levin Net Worth 2019

Who Is Harvey Levin and what is his net worth 2019? Harvey Levin is a man that has defied the odds by mixing careers that many will call ‘a weird mix.’ Even so, he has done well to balance all of them. Harvey is a man that many people wish they could be. He is an all rounded guy who is doing a great job in balancing all his careers that are going on. He inspires many, and he is a life teacher of many others. He is a man who has earned the attention he gets from people every day

Early Life

Harvey Robert Levin was born in the year 1950 in the month of September in Los Angeles County to a Jewish family. He is known as a lawyer, TV producer, a celebrity reporter, and a legal analyst. He attended Grover Cleveland High school where he later graduated and went to the University of California where he got his degree in Political Science. After that, he pursued another degree at the University Of Chicago Law School where he graduated in the year 1975 with a J.D.

Harvey Levin Net Worth

After he was done with school, Levin became an attorney in California and practised from 1975 December to 1996 January. He was also a teacher at the University Of Miami School of law and also Whittier College School of Law.

The factor that led many to take notice of him was the participation in public debates. He is famously known for his participation in the debate that surrounded the California Proposition 13. All these debates made him famous, and before long he started offering legal advice on a show hosted by a radio station that earned him the nickname “Doctor Law.’ He also contributed to the Los Angeles Times as a columnist for seven years.


The first time he got to TV, he was covering legal issues at KNBC-TV. He later joined KCBS-TV where he used to cover investigative reporting and also carry out a legal analysis of the same TV station. This went on for a decade. People took notice of him in the entertainment industry when he covered the story about O.J. Simpson murder. People also know Levin from ‘The People’s Court,’ and he also created ‘Celebrity Justice.’

After having a successful television experience, TMZ was launched, and Levin became the founder and the editor up to date. TMZ has covered many stories related to celebrities, and it has been successful over the years. It covered the story about Rihanna’s abuse from Chris Brown, the death of Michael Jackson, and so much more. It is also reported that Levin once had an hour long conversation with the president: Donald Trump. What they talked about, no one knows. But rubbing shoulders with ‘big men’ in the society is a good picture of success.

Other than what he does daily, Levin is the greatest voice that walks the earth for the LGBT. He is gay and is in a relationship with his partner Andy Mauer. Throughout his working career in the entertainment industry, Levin has won a total of nine Emmys Awards.

Net Worth of Harvey Levin

The net worth of Harvey Levin is estimated to be $16 million. All this is from his entertainment roles as well as contributions he makes. This amount has enabled him the good life that he lives and that many people are jealous of.

Levin is an icon that has stood the test of time. Society is glad to have him and learn from him.