Geraldo Rivera Net Worth

Who is Geraldo Rivera and what is his net worth 2018? Geraldo Rivera is renowned globally as an attorney, author, reporter, and talk show host from America. In his career, Rivera became host of one talk show entitled as Geraldo from period 1987 till 1998. Net worth of Geraldo Rivera is high because all the above stated fields attribute for his wealth, get more details below:

Rivera belonged to New York, born to the parents who served as a cafeteria worker and cab driver. It is known that Rivera’s father was essentially a Catholic Puerto Rican type of origin, while his mother belonged to Ashkenazi Russian Jewish origin. This celeb was brought up mainly as Jewish and had a Bar Mitzvah ritual. Rivera was brought up in West Babylon and Brooklyn , located in New York, where he studied. Family of Rivera was occasionally exposed to bias and racialism, and accepted to spell their surname as “Riviera” as they supposed it sounded little less ethnic. After having a sequence of jobs alternating from clothing salesman to short-order chef, Rivera appeared in Brooklyn Law School in year 1966.

Geraldo Rivera Net Worth 2018-2019

In his career, initially Rivera was recruited by WABC-TV in year 1970 in form of a reporter for Eyewitness News. Later in year 1972, he gathered national consideration and even received Peabody Award. This was for his mention on the disregard and exploitation of patients with logical incapacities at Willowbrook State School. Moreover, he started to make appearance on ABC based national programs like Nightline and 20/20. During this time, Rivera too started hosting as well as worked as executive producer of Good Night America, which was released later. In year 1983, Rivera released the leading U.S. based network television reference of AIDS, talking to lighting designer of 20/20 New York named as Ken Ramsauer.

In year 1987, Rivera stared to work as producer and host of the daytime talk show entitled as Geraldo, which continued for 11 years. The particular show presented controversial guests as well as presented theatricality, which directed to the representation of the show in form of “Trash TV” by Newsweek.

Discussing about argument, controversies originated during year 2003, while Rivera was roaming in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. Throughout a Fox News transmission, Rivera started to reveal an imminent operation to be held. In year 2012, Rivera started hosting one weekday based radio talk show in New York and it was for duration of two hours between The Rush Limbaugh Show and Imus in the Morning on WABC.

In his life, Rivera has accepted that he was involved in a multi-year affair till year 1985 with Marian Javits. Rivera is essentially an inhabitant of Edgewater, located in New Jersey and he formerly stayed in Middletown Township, situated in New Jersey.

Moreover, Rivera is too an active sailor and being an owner as well as captain of the sailing vessel entitled as Voyager, this celeb has partaken in the Marion–Bermuda based Cruising Yacht Race. Ultimately in year 2013, Rivera’s vessel finished in 12th position from 34 finishers. Apart from this, he too sailed Voyager which is actually 1,400 miles over the Amazon river as well as across the world, going far to meet the King of Tonga.

Geraldo Rivera Net worth

Rivera is an American celeb who grossed high net worth of $17 million by working in various fields as attorney, author, journalist, correspondent, as well as talk show host. After founding himself as a famous journalist, Rivera attained many tributes for his journalistic offerings. Moreover, Rivera also hosted the newsmagazine program entitled as Geraldo at Large, as well as stayed host of the broadcast of Geraldo Rivera Reports, adding to his income. He also makes regular appearances on Fox News Channel programs like the famous one- The Five.

Geraldo Rivera is the celeb who accomplished to focus on multiple careers at once and he achieved to be successful in that.