Draya Michele Net Worth 2018

Who is Draya Michele and what is her net worth 2018? Draya Michele is recognised as an American based media personality, actress, model, and fashion designer. Net worth of Draya Michele is collected from his multiple careers, get more details below.

Early Life

Birthplace of Draya Michele (original name: Andraya Michele Howard) is Reading, located in Pennsylvania. This is the place where she was brought up. Her mother is basically of Italian origin whereas her father is of African American inheritance.

Draya Michele Net Worth

Howard’s initially spotted to the consideration of the public in form of the girlfriend of an entertainer named Chris Brown. This actress was known as a part of a freshman cast of popular VH1 series entitled as Basketball Wives LA in year 2011, and also in that same year she has noted her leading scripted acting debut within TV One’s Will to Love along with Keshia Knight-Pulliam as well as Marques Houston.

Moreover, she stayed as member of the cast of popular Basketball Wives LA till her parting at the conclusion of the fourth season of the show in year 2015. Besides, she got supporting role in year 2016 film entitled as The Perfect Match. She is too an owner of two different fashion lines, namely: “Mint Swim”, started in year 2011, and “Fine Ass Girls” started in year 2013. Last year, she has launched additional clothing line named as Beige & Coco.

In year 2011, previous model named Draya Michele was featured for the debut type season of Basketball Wives LA. In this regards, Shaunie O’Neal’s Los Angeles off-shoot of the Miami series has followed a collection of females whose entitlement is to prominence were their relations with well-known athletes.

However, after relocating to LA right from Pennsylvania and grossing certain amount of cash, she has started her leading of presently three different clothing brands. Her clothing brand i.e. Mint Swim, known as a swimwear line made with every shapes as well as sizes in consideration and now she is a self-made millionaire.

She is gearing up for big Labor Day sale of Mint Swim, wherein she is expecting that everything would vend hence she could come back inside drawing board and begin creating once more.

Besides, Draya Michele is acknowledged for her preceding stint featured on Basketball Wives LA, her very effective swimsuit brand named Mint Swim, as well as her bashing body. Currently, altering the direction within her career, the Wilhelmina model is attaining a lot higher.

Net Worth of Draya Michele

Draya Michele is globally recognised as a reality TV celeb as well as a model possessing net worth is $750 thousand. This model is known to be a cast member for VH1’s new reality series entitled as “Basketball Wives: Los Angeles”, known as a spin-off for their famous series entitled as “Basketball Wives”. Being an actress and a model, she has been featured on popular covers of numerous magazines, and even in editorial spreads.

Apart from that, she is too a music video fixture. Other than her work made on the show, and also in videos, Michele is too earning well from her clothing brand named as Mint Swimwear. Being a model, she has been featured in magazines such as Lowrider Girl, King, Black Men, as well as Urban Ink. She earned well by modelling for several accessory companies. It is found that her salary being a main cast member playing on Basketball Wives LA has been doubled right from her debut made on the show.

Works in acting and talents as a model has facilitated Draya Michele to attain substantial fame in the industry. This personality is identified for her sharp tongue, as well as prejudiced stance, and she does not easily make friends always.