Dolvett Quince Net Worth

Who is Dolvett Quince? What is net worth of Dolvett Quince? The main protagonist in a film or a sportsperson winning a championship walks away with all the honors. Not many people realize that there is a big team working behind these celebrities. Rarely do these people get their due. We shall talk about fitness trainer, Dolvett Quince in the next few paragraphs.

Born on 20 August 1973, Dolvett Quince is an American Reality TV star famous for his appearances in the series, The Biggest Loser. In this serial, obese participants attempt to lose the maximum weight and win the grand prize. There are different versions of the show all over the world. Dolvett Quince plays an active part as a fitness trainer in the American version of the show.

Dolvett Quince Net Worth 2017-2018

Dolvett had a tough childhood. A Jamaican couple raised Dolvett and his two siblings. He had to undergo a huge amount of child abuse. This experience made his resolve to succeed stronger than ever. He turned his attention to attaining physical fitness. He witnessed people having bad dietary habits that ultimately led to becoming obese. On fact, his brother became obese as well. He resolved to become a fitness trainer to help these obese people attain normal levels of fitness.

Starting his career at an Atlanta YMCA, he gained the goodwill of the clients frequenting the fitness center. This made him apply to the post of the fitness trainer for the reality series. He had to undergo tough competition. Ultimately, he beat heavy competition to perform the role of the fitness trainer in the 12th season of the reality series.

He has an impressive clientele including celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Angela Bassett, Nicole Parker, etc. People love his services so much that many of them wish to have him as their life coach. Quince has the interests of his clients at heart. He has seen his brother struggle in life with problems of obesity. Quince managed to cure him as well.

On the business front, Quince managed to build his Atlanta Fitness Empire from scratch. He started working in a studio, Atlanta Studio named Body Sculptor. His love for physical fitness made him release DVD’s on the subject such as ‘Me and My Chair’, etc.

As he started becoming famous, he applied for the role in ‘The Biggest Loser’. His main objective was to help people lose weight and regain fitness. Some of his clients swear by his fitness and diet routines. They are ready to go to any lengths to follow his routines and regain fitness.

Education: There is not much information available on the internet about the education of Dolvett Quince. Therefore, we are unable to comment on the same. However, we can gather one thing. The Quince siblings had a tough time during their childhood. The Jamaican couple that adopted these kids did not treat them well enough. Therefore, education might just be out of the equation. However, one website states that Quince completed his schooling in Florida. He did not study beyond school level.

Dolvett Quince Net Worth

Even though he had an impoverished background, he had the steely resolve to succeed in life. He has managed to do so. That should be a credit to his hard work and perseverance. The estimated net worth of Dolvett Quince is $2.8 million US dollars as of 2017. This could be the correct figure because Quince has been a regular member of the reality series since 2012. His income from the series as well as from his other fitness studios forms a major contribution of the net worth. The best part of his fitness training routines is that he enjoys doing them. Customer satisfaction is more important to him than the money factor.

Dolvett Quince Assets:

In the absence of any concrete information about his material assets, we are not in a position to comment on the same. However, it can be safe to presume that he must possess all the requisite assets for a decent living.

Dolvett Quince Business Model:

After finishing his school, he started taking up odd jobs to take care of his siblings. One of them involved working in an Atlanta studio. He had a fetish for maintaining physical fitness. He wished to teach this art to others. This was the concept of the Atlanta Fitness Empire. He built up this fitness center from scratch. Subsequently, he landed a role in the TV series, ‘The Biggest Loser’.

Dolvett Quince started performing in the TV series from the 12th season. Today, the series is in its 17th season. Quince is still associated with them. His fitness center still caters to celebrities and the normal folk as well.

Dolvett Quince is the perfect example of a rags-to-riches story. Having endured a tough childhood, he has made a great turnaround. The best aspect of the entire life of Quince is that he did not resort to criminal activities. Normally, people in his position do that. This is a tribute to his character.