Dog The Bounty Hunter Net Worth 2018

Who is Dog The Bounty Hunter and what is his net worth 2018? Dog the Bounty hunter is a name that many people might have heard of. Duane Chapman has faced a lot of troubles in his life. People think high of him because he is a living example of how you can overcome from your past mistakes. He is someone people love listening to and watching.

Early Life

Duane Lee Chapman was born on February 2, 1953 in Colorado, USA. Duane is a prominent Television personality, Bounty hunter and a bail bondsman from America. Duane has three siblings. He belongs from two descents; German and English. Duane has gone through a lot of trouble in his life. He was sent to probation in the year 1976 after he was convicted of a first degree murder. Duane got the inspiration to become the bounty hunter during his time in prison. Duane is banned from the United Kingdoms and he cannot own a firearm due to his involvement in a crime.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Net Worth

Duane has been surrounded with controversies from the beginning of his life. He had his first child from a teenage relationship. Duane had no idea about the son and his son were adopted after his then girlfriend, Debbie White committed suicide. Duane got married to La Fonda Sue Honeycutt in the year 1972 and the couple got divorced in the year 1977 during a Duane’s time in prison. Duane then married Anne M. Tegnell in the year 1979 and divorced her in the year 1982. Duane then married Tawny and Lyssa Rae Brattain and got divorced to both of them. Duane then got married to Elizabeth Smith in the year 2006.

Duane made it to the limelight after he captured Andrew Luster. Andrew was convicted to have fled the country in the middle of his probation. Andrew was convicted of dealing with drugs and responsible for raping many women. Duane made an appearance in a number of television shows after he was convicted by the Mexican government like; Larry King Live, the morning shows with Mark and Juliet and many more. After his tiring journey Duane was portrayed in a show where his amazing skills and talents were shown to the world. It was because of this show that Duane’s work got recognised and a reality show started with him. Dog the bounty hunter, his reality show got aired in the year 2004.

Duane has achieved a lot in his life because of his optimistic personality. Duane has achieved a lot of appreciation for his work in his reality show. Duane has made his own place in the world because of the skills that make him stand out of the crowd.

Net Worth of Dog the bounty hunter

Duane Chapman, known by the stage name Dog the Bounty hunter has gone through a lot of ups and downs in his life. His life has been shades of grey and black. He is an inspiration to all those people who become depressed about small things, the estimated net worth of this star is around $7 million. His talk show and his autobiography also add to his net worth.

Duane Chapman or prominently known as Dog the bounty hunter is an inspiration for many people. He has proved that you cannot fail in life until you stop getting up and fighting again.