Dave Hester Net Worth 2019

Who is Dave Hester and what is his net worth 2019? Dave Hester is an American television artist as well as business entrepreneur, who got popularity from TV show “Storage Wars”. He is an experienced auctioneer or we can say auction hunter also and has been in the auction industry for more than 25 years. This auctioneer work also contribute Dave in raising his net worth.

Early Life

Dave Hester was born on 23 July 1964 and raised in California, USA. His friends and relatives call him with nickname Dangerous Dave. He is an American native, who worked as an auctioneer or we say auction hunter and having lot of experience in auction industry. Dave’s parents who used to buy and sell tools, antique and collectibles at auctions, estate sales and garage sales which was inherited by Dave and he became an auctioneer later.

Dave Hester Net Worth

He is also a popular TV reality show personality who got huge popularity from TV show “Storage Wars” and is a main character of this A&E reality show. He has a son name Dave Jr., who occasionally portrayal on the show with him. Dave is known for his trademark laud “YUUUP!” which is his signature catchword when making a bid, and has this word imprinted on his trucks, T-shirts, and hats which is a cool way to publish himself.

Dave involved in many public disputes and court cases due to which he suffer huge losses and stress in life. He shares the limelight on auction hunters Barry Weiss, Darrell Sheets, and also Storage Wars with auctioneer Jarrod Schulz, Dan Dotson, and Brandi Passante. Hester is the owner of Newport Consignment Gallery in Costa Mesa, California and the Rags to Riches thrift store, but due to losses he decided to close them in June 2011. Currently, he is having his own auction house named “Dave Hester Auctions”.


Dave Hester started his auctioneer career at his early age because he inherit this characteristic from his parents, who used to buy and sell goods in several auctions. He is a business entrepreneur and well-known TV show personality and famous for his reality show “Storage Wars”. He is been dubbed as “The Mogul” of Seasons 1-3 of these TV show and also in Season 5 till present.

The initial season of the show “Storage Wars” are really successful once. In December 2012, Hester was fired from the show, and sued the show’s producers for his wrongful termination, he live the show after Season 3, but comeback for Season 5. Hester is also called a business man, along with truly being a star to the television programmes.

He is now has his own auction house which he calls “Dave Hester Auctions”. Moreover, He is expertise in selling and have more than 25 years of career in buying and selling goods, antique items and many other costly products. He known for his signature laud “YUUUP!” which he pay a lot to secure its copyright from court. Decades of professional auctioneering experience, plus familiarity with virtually all types of antiques, collectibles, and more, make him the perfect auctioneer for your next event. Nowadays, Hester’s only source of income is the amazing reality TV show “Storage Wars”.

Dave Hester’s this section is empty because there is no one who offer awards to an auctioneer. Although, if he work hard in the reality show then there will be a chance in the future but now the list is empty. If there is any award for the best auctioneer, than Dave Hester is probably the right choice as a winner.

Net Worth of Dave Hester

It is often asserted that his entire net worth has a quantity of more than $4.5 million. The TV reality show “Storage Wars” is currently the only source for his income and the show popularity may increases his net worth to a hefty amount in the coming future.

Dave Hester is a hard working person, his reality TV show cum entrepreneur business help him a lot in his future endeavours. We wish him a best of luck for his upcoming auction events and for the next season of “Storage Wars”.