Darrell Sheets Net Worth

Who is Darrell Sheets and what is his net worth 2018? Darrell Sheets is the most outstanding reality show personality, who is best known for his A&E show, “Storage Wars”. Basically, he is a storage hunter and got numerous popularity, fans following after portrayal in reality TV show and nowadays widely recognised.

Born in San Diego, California on 13th May 1958, Darrell Sheets is an American native, who is an impressive reality show artist and best known for his reality TV show “Storage Wars” which is aired on A&E television network.

Darrell Sheets Net Worth 2018-2019

He is a good looking strong man who has a muscular body. In the shows, he is often seen showing his body which is of the height 5 feet 10 inches. He is an active personality in social media also and have a huge fans following due to his mind-blowing activities performed by him. We can’t find out any background information about his personal life including parents, early childhood and education life.

We found in news report that he is dating charming lady Kimber Wuerfel, one of her real estate signs in the background and they have also two biological child from that relationship. He has good experience of 32 year in making good finds in storage lockers. Darrell has been active in the entertainment industry since his debut on television.

With marvellous storage hunting skills, Darrell Sheets worked as a storage lockers for more than thirty years. He mentioned in few interviews that while working as a storage hunter he finds several mind-blowing things including four paintings painted by ‘Pablo Picasso’, a letter wrote by Abraham Lincoln and some large collection of rare comic books.

In 2010, he got all attention due to his appearance in A&E network’s reality show “Storage Wars” and got enormous popularity. This reality show became a big hit and one of the popular television shows broadcasted on TV. The show has crossed almost 100 episodes covering four seasons till date.

He is popularly known as ‘The Gambler’ on the television show as he takes plenty of risk in storage hunting. The Storage Wars show currently working fine and hopefully we see more amazing stuffs in forthcoming days in the show.

Sorry, we can’t find any information regarding awards and honours won by Darrell Sheets. But hopefully, we are quite sure that he will definitely has the capability to get awards and honours in the forthcoming days. If you find any source of awards achieved by Darrell, then surely, do remind us.

Darrell Sheets Net Worth

Darrell Sheets achieved all his net worth from storage hunting as he has a long experience of 30 years in this field and his nature is to take risk. His net worth is more than $5 million, which is a hefty total for a storage hunter. He gained all his net worth from this profession only and reality show appearance also contribute in his net worth.

Darrell Sheets had achieved lots of success in his life. By seeing Darrell’s whole career we come to the conclusion that we must take risk to achieve success in life. Hopefully, he achieve more in forthcoming endeavours.