Craig Tester Net Worth 2019

Who is Craig Tester and what is his net worth 2019? Craig Tester shot to fame after starring in the hit reality show, The Curse of Oak Island. Apart from being a key cast member, he was also the producer of the show which is aired on the History Channel. By profession, he is a mechanical engineer and is an expert on drilling. He has been working in the energy business for years with his former college roommate and now co-star Marty Lagina.

Hailing from Traverse City, Michigan, Craig Tester is married to Rebecca Tester and is a father to Madeline Begley, Jack Begley and the late Drake Tester. He seems to enjoy a quiet, private life away from the public’s eye at least when his show is not airing. There isn’t much information about his earlier education and upbringing. While there is isn’t much information about his personal life in the public sphere, he is widely known for his calm and confident demeanour.

Craig Tester Net Worth

In the past, Craig was involved in wrestling and still continues to maintain his physical fitness, a testament to the fact that he is not someone to be messed with. He is very close to his former college roommate and now partner Marty Lagina.

Craig Tester studied mechanical engineering and was an oilman for years. With his expertise in drilling and resistivity, he and his longtime partner Marty Lagina have been involved in the energy business for years. More recently, the partners redirected their focus to pursuing and solving the age-old mystery that the Oak Island presents. Now, Craig Tester is widely known as the executive producer of The Curse of Oak Island (2014 & 2016).

He is also a cast member and has been greatly involved in all the researching aspects for planning dig operations on the island. His expertise in earth scans and drilling provides the team investigating the Oak Island with a superior technological edge over all the previous teams aspiring to uncover the mysteries this island holds.

Net Worth of Craig Tester

Craig Tester has worked extensively in the energy business and owes a lot of his monetary success to it. Starring and producing The Curse of Oak Island is speculated to be a more recent dimension to net worth. The show has a very high viewership and is considered to be an immense success, catapulting Craig Tester and his co-stars into mainstream popularity. The net worth of Craig Tested is approximated $2.5 million.

While Craig Tester, his family and close friends continue to mourn the death of their loved one, the signing for Season 5 of “The Curse of Oak Island” seems to be on hold. This is out of consideration for all the cast members, who resent having to spend time away from family, that too for months on end. Despite fans clamoring for yet another season of the show, many have sent in their consolation for the Tester family and hope to see him continue to star in the next season of the show, whenever it may be.