Chuck Woolery Net Worth

Who is Chuck Woolery and what is his net worth 2018? If you are fond of game shows and talk shows you would be well familiar with the name of Chuck Woolery. Being a great host for a number of TV shows, Chuck has managed to make a remarkable position. Let us know about his personal and professional life and get to know about his net worth.

Born on 16th March 1941, Chuck was born and brought up at Ashland, Kentucky. He did his graduation from the same place. After graduation, Chuck served the US Navy for around 2 years. His full name is Charles Herbert “Chuck” Woolery. Apart from working in the Navy and later being a talk show host, he also worked as a musician and brought some of the great music of the time.

Chuck Woolery Net Worth 2018-2019

Chuck got married to Margaret Hays with whom he had two children, Katherine and Chad. 1986 was the unfortunate year for Chuck as his son Chad got died in a road accident. This shattered Chuck and Margaret to pieces. However, later they both got separated with a mutual decision. In the year 1972, Chuck again got married and this time with an actress, Jo Ann Pflug. Together they had a daughter, Melissa. Chuck and Jo Ann got divorced a few years after the birth of their daughter.

Chuck’s third marriage was with Teri Nelson. Teri is the adopted daughter of David Nelson. With her, chuck again had two children namely Michael and Sean. Soon after few years when Teri’s infidelity came into limelight, the couple divorced with a mutual consent.

His fourth marriage happened in the year 2006 with Kim Barnes.

Chuck has worked in different niches but started his career under U.S Navy. After serving the navy for 2 years he came in hosting the talk shows. The shows he hosted include the following:

• Wheel of Fortune from 1975 to 1981. He was the main host of this show.
• Love Connection for a long period which was from 1983 to 1994.
• Scrabble from 1984 to 1990. He hosted this show even in the year 1993 in a brief revival session.
• Lingo from 2002 to 2007 which was broadcasted on GSN.

Before making an appearance in the talk shows Chuck has also worked in Columbus, Ohio for Wasserstrom Wine & Import Company as a wine consultant. He worked with Pillsbury Company as well as their sales representative.

When coming to music, Chuck has sung many songs since the starting of the 1960s. He used to play the bass fiddle with The Bordermen which was a folk singing trio. Chuck also worked as a solo artist and released 5 records with Columbia. While he was working hard as an artist he also used to work parttime as a truck driver to increase his monthly income.

Chuck has worked really hard to achieve the kind of success he is in today’s date and this is the reason why he is so popular among his fans and followers. With so much talent and hardworking nature, chuck received the much-desired popularity and thus become one of the most adorable talks show host among the TV shows.

Chuck Woolery Net Worth

Chuck Woolery has an estimated net worth of $17 million. He has hosted so many talk shows in his entire career which made him earn so much. While his struggling days were full of hardships when he used to work part-time as a truck driver, his later days were glorious and enjoyable.

Chuck has always been a little curious and hardworking since childhood. This could be seen by the way he has tried his luck in different workplaces including working for the navy and then TV shows. Even he experimented a lot with his personal life the reason why he is married four times. Chuck Woolery is one of the most interesting personalities and that is why he always get spotted in the newspapers and gossip’s section. No matter how highlighted his life has been there is no doubt in ascertaining that Chuck was very laborious and hardworking man.