Chase Chrisley Net Worth 2019

Who is Chase Chrisley and what is his net worth 2019? Chase Chrisley is a reality star from South Carolina, United States. He was born on 1st June 1996. He is mainly famous for his charming looks and crowd full of female fans. He has appeared in two television series. He has become more popular since he appeared in the later one.

Early Life

Chase is the second youngest person in Chrisley family. His father has three children from his first wife and two children including Chase from his second wife. That’s how Chase got four siblings. Chase is a pampered kid of his family. He is very naughty and mischievous by nature. At the starting years of his life he was not very interested in acting and entertainment field. Chase was good in sports.

Chase Chrisley Net Worth

He wanted to launch his career in Baseball although he later became interested in acting as he grew up. He is found of pets, he prominently loves dogs. His social networking sites have loads and loads of photographs of his pet. He is nice person, rarely gets offended by anyone. He is the best at any young man can be.

Chase being very young, likes to share his life events on social network similar to every next youth in the world. He actively participates and boasts off his life events. He also likes to be interviewed. Recently on his 20th birthday, he was called for an interview and asked 20 random questions which he answered very easily.

Chase was in relationship for few months with a television actress Brooke Noury but they separated soon. Now Chase’s relationship status is Single. Chase is very fun loving and open guy. He never bothers about media, he is considered as the most lovable character from the series ‘Chrisley knows Best’. He is easy going and accepts changes very easily.


He started his career with television as it was not a big deal for a kid like Chase to get a breakthrough. Both of his parent are well known television personalities. Chase has good looks along with his acting skills. He makes ladies fall in love with his cute smile. Thus he is able to get huge followers in less time. He appeared in many television interview like the one in 2014 by The View and The Reach the same year.

Few years later in 2016, he again appeared on Television, this time Chase got a good exposure over a television reality show.

Like every other young and famous actor Chase is also not far away from controversies. When he was 18, a woman accused him and his friends to snatch her smartphone and not return it back. She claimed, that she saw Chase and his friends drinking in the Bar but as Chase was too young to get drunked, she thought of capturing the Scene. As Chase and friends noticed being captured, they went straight to her and snatched her phone. And passed among themselves, thus the lady became confused who actually had her smartphone.

She escaped from the bar and reported to the police. Police came to investigate but Chase was not found guilty. This bar incident is considered as one of the most controversial issue with Chase Chrisley. Recently he broke up with his girlfriend, rumours of he, being in a relationship with Brielle Biermann were burning around. But Chase in an interview clearly mentioned that there is no such thing and they are just good friends.

Net Worth of Chase Chrisley

Chase has a very rich family as all are highly paid actors of television industry. Chase also earns a huge amount. The main source of income is the television show ‘Chrisley knows Best’. His total worth is about $5.5 million. He doesn’t claim to have his parents property on his name. Chase says, It’s quite good to be self sufficient and use self earned money. According to many magazines Chase being very young holds very huge amount as his total net worth.