Andrew Zimmern Net Worth

Andrew Scott Zimmern is a well renowned American television personality, teacher, food writer and professional chef. Did you know that he is also an award winning monthly columnist at Mpls. St Paul Magazine and a senior editor at Delta Sky Magazine? His work has also appeared in multitude international publications and is a well known freelance journalist .He is indeed the most iconic personality known worldwide .

Not much is known about Zimmern’s family culture and background. All we know is that he was raised in the city of New York and was born in a Jewish family. He was born in the year 1961. We don’t have any information regarding his parents and siblings. Did you know that he began his formal culinary training at a mere age of 14 years? Also, he graduated from Vassar College and attended Dalton School during his schooling days. He has also played an instrumental role in contributing to multitude New York restaurants as general manager or executive chef.

Andrew Zimmern Net Worth 2017-2018

We don’t know about his past relationships and dating history. All we know that Zimmern is married to Rashia and they have a son namely Noah. They are residing in Minnesota in Edina and are living happily together since their marriage. However, we don’t have intricate information about how long they have been married and when their child was born. It seems that their long lasting relationship is due to their immense love for each other.

Zimmern became immensely popular after he started achieving indefeasible feats in his radio career. As a radio host, his shows namely Food Court helped him become popular worldwide. Also, he was host of a well acclaimed show namely Dining With Death which provided him information about food which can cause death. He was also hired by HGTV as a food featured contributor for their show. He has also penned down several books relating to culinary which made him stand out in the crowd as a food expert.

Andrew Zimmern won James Beard Award for Outstanding TV Food Personality in the year 2010. Also, he won James Beard Award in the year 2013. Hence, his achievements in his field are many and we cannot deny his exceptional contribution to food industry. He also won Effie Award in the year 2010 for an online series namely Toyota’s Appetite for Life.

How much is Andrew Zimmern Net Worth in 2017

Andrew Zimmern’s net worth is $10 Million US Dollars as of 2017. Ever wondered,what could be the reasons for his increased share of net earnings? Well,there are multitude reasons which attribute to his increased net worth. However, the ultimate reason that contributes to his increased net worth is that he is an American television personality. Also, his increased net worth is due to his well acclaimed popular shows among the American crowd.

What makes him stand out in the crowd among thousands of other culinary experts is his unique way of explaining cooking to layman people. He holds the potential to achieve indefeasible feats in the arena of his interest. Apart from that, he is indeed a great chef and his amazing cooking lectures have made him popular figure worldwide.