Young Dolph Net Worth 2019

Who is Young Dolph and what is his net worth 2019? One of several famous rappers to make it out of Memphis, Tennessee in the United States, Young Dolph has a lack luster career which spans not less than 8 years. Young Dolph did have an inclination towards music from a young age but chose to do nothing about it and going about a boring corporate job but he had a wakeup call in his life in the year 2008 which changed his worldview and his career choice.

Early Life

Better known by his stage name, Young Dolph, Adolph Thornton Jr. was born on August 11, 1985 and is an American rapper. He was born in Chicago, Illinois but his family later moved to Memphis, Tennessee. He was part of a fairly large family with two brothers and two sisters which made him. He did not have a normal childhood as both of his parents were going through a dark stage of crack addiction and did not raise the children properly. This was indeed a dark time for the children as well and Adolph was warned to the ill effects of crack early on because of this.

Young Dolph Net Worth

Adolph had an inclination towards music from a very young age and he grew up in a locale which was famous for having a long history of making young rappers famous in the industry. His songs would talk about the difficulties he and his siblings faced and would talk about the harmful effects of drug addiction. Over the years, Adolph would develop his own unique style of street music which would later be come to known as high class street music. Its origins however can be traced back to Adolph’s troubled childhood which instead of putting him down, made him inspired to reach great heights and become popular.


One could say Adolph had a rather ill fated start to his career because he met with an accident which almost killed him before he decided to make a career out of music. 2008 was a very dark year for Adolph because it was the year of the accident which would make him re think his life choices. This year was very unforgiving to Adolph as later in 2008, his grandmother passed away of lung cancer. This was Adolph’s wake up call of sorts and he began concentrating on music as a career. He turned to music as an emotional release and in the hope that it would help him recover from the horrors of 2008.

There was already a base for Adolph to come into the industry as he had an inclination towards music from a young age and his peers all knew he was very talented. His peers would keep telling him that he was very talented but he listened only after the accident. There was also a problem he wanted to address in the industry with rappers describing what they could have never witnessed or gone through and that is why Young Dolph’s music is all about his life experiences and things he has actually gone through. His first mixtape Paper Route Campaign was a huge success and confirmed his place in the hip hop music industry

Net Worth of Young Dolph

For someone who started his music career so late, Dolph sure has made a name for himself in the industry and among the public. This is due to the amount of dedication he puts into his work and how seriously he takes his profession. To him, music is more than just something that makes him money. He considers music to be a saviour because it helped him recover from a bad time in his life. This helped him to put out popular tracks and albums which became hugely popular and contributed to his huge net worth. His net worth is $500 thousand.

Adolph Thornton Jr. truly is an inspiration to everyone who has had a bad childhood but is struggling to recover from it. He has showed that dedication and hardwork will make even your wildest dream possible. You must work towards your goals and if you encounter unpleasant things, just get into the field and correct it yourself! Young Dolph is making waves as a successful rapper now with several tracks and collaborations under his belt. He also founded a record label named Paper Route Campaign which is also the name of his first mix tape!