Will.i.am Net Worth 2018

Who is Will.i.am and what is his net worth 2018? Will.i.am needs no introduction. If you must know, he is a singer, entrepreneur and songwriter as well. He has dubbed for movies and he has many albums and songs. He was born as William James Adams Jr. in Eastside of Los Angeles. His family lived in a Hispanic community in Boyle Heights neighbourhood. William never got to meet his father. His mother Debra raised a fine son and encouraged him to pursue music as his career. She did not want William to be like the kids in the neighbourhood.

His mother was a spirited woman. She sent William to public schools in West Los Angeles. When Will was attending high school in John Marshall, he met Allan Pineda who was also going to be a part of Black Eyed Peas later. Both William and Pineda used to perform in clubs and were joined by other members as well. William turned into Will.i.am soon and today he is on the top! His uncle is a former NFL player. His name is Lynn Cain. Will.i.am’s role model has been his uncle Cain.

Will.i.am Net Worth



Will.i.am is not just a singer, song producer and rapper – he has other sides as well. He has acted in the commercial series called InstantDef. He has dubbed for the movie Madagascar – Escape to Africa. He has dubbed for the character of Moto Moto. He has played John Wraith in the famous movie X-Men Origins Wolverine. He has also given his voice for the movie Rio and Rio 2 for the character Pedro. He also did a brief role in Date Night. He played himself in the movie.

In 2013, Will.i.am was announced as the coach of the singing reality show called The Voice along with Kylie Minogue. He has made major contributions in The Voice UK since the year 2012.

Before he joined the Black Eyed Peas, he attended Fashion Institute in Los Angeles. His clothing line had an official debut in the year 2005.

Will.i.am has many albums under his name. The albums he has are Willpower, The Beginning, Songs about Girls and much more. Monkey Business was the most famous album! Elephunk is another album which gained much popularity. There is Lost Change and Must B 21 as well. He has a very famous song called Bang Bang and T.H.E which people absolutely love!

Will.i.am has been associated with the reality show called The Voice. He was judging the show and did not turn for the girl who co-wrote a song for him. It was Tanya Lacey. When she disclosed that she is one of the co-writers of the song T.H.E, he was stunned and he thanked her on the show. He did not turn around for this singer and when he got to know that she is one of the co-writers, he was stunned.

Net Worth of Will.i.am

Will.I.Am is known for topping the charts. Will.i.am is a very famous singer, entrepreneur and songwriter who has net worth of approximately $80 million. Will.i.am has won many awards such as Emmy and 7 Grammy Awards. He has worked with many influential people in the music industry such as Rihanna, Flo Rida and Michael Jackson as well.

Will.i.am was born in the year 1975. He is a rapper, singer and song producer. He has also got interest in fashion designing. In the year 2012, he earned $12 million and today he has reached $80 million.

Will.i.am has a great fetish for cars. He has many cars as his assets. He is seen with different cars all the time. His love for cars is visible through the collection of cars he has. He has a custom built $900,000 car that he customised himself. He is proud of it. It is a very stylish car. He has a brainchild, Custom 1959 Corvette, Tesla, and Bentley Continental GT. He also has a McLaren MP4-12C. It is indeed visible that he loves cars. Let’s see which car is on his mind next. Seeing the customised car, we know that he is a very gifted and talented man.

Will.i.am is one of the finest and most entertaining singer and songwriter. We all have seen and heard his famous works. May he find more joy and create more hits for us. Hope to see him in some more movies. He is surely a star!