Ugly God Net Worth 2018

Who is Ugly God and what is his net worth 2018? Ugly God is a young and growing rapper from US. Ugly God was born on September 19, 1996 in Houston, Texas, US and he is now a rapper as well as a music producer. This rapper and music producer rose to reputation by releasing his original music production through SoundCloud. Several of his most prevalent songs on the music sharing site, like “Water” and “FTBT”, have received hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of shows to this rapper. Apart from the rapper business, his internet career started in year 2012 after he became active on Twitter and shared the debut tweet about his sister.

Elegiacally crude and rhythmically slow, Ugly God is a rapper as well as a producer who came into picture during the latter half of year 2010. Ugly God has even lived in other parts of the Midwest, and also the South, containing Louisiana and Texas, Mississippi.

Ugly God Net Worth

Apart from this, he also formed the Little Dick Clique and releasing material -like “I Beat My Meat” and “Booty from a Distance” – over a SoundCloud page. In year 2016, one of the more popular tracks, “Water,” was chosen up for release by main label named Asylum. By the completion of the year, the single created Spotify Viral 50 charts and Billboard’s Spotify Velocity.

With more than 33 million spins on SoundCloud and additional 15 million views registered on youtube, rapper Ugly God identifies how to use the internet to his benefit.

He has mentioned that he started considering about creating music around a year-and-a-half ago. He actually wanted to be a computer engineer since childhood but when he was in college for music worked out and then he diverted to music. Ugly God is more recognised as a rising hip hop lyricist, producer as well as a trend-setter with entertaining singles namely “Beat My Meat”, “Water” and presented on Carnage’s track entitled “Rari”. tracks created by Ugly God are entertaining, even more inspiring with the appealing beats making any listener possible to nod or bit with.

Education: Ugly God attended the University of Southern Mississippi and later dropped out from there. While studying at the University of Southern Mississippi, he was majoring in both engineering as well as web development courses, but he abandoned the studies as he eventually wanted to focus solely on music.

Net Worth of Ugly God

The estimated total net worth of Ugly God is approximately $1.5 million. Ugly God’s yearly average income comes out to be $100 thousand which implies that Ugly God grosses around $8.3 thousand every month. The major source income of this rapper is rap music that includes his singles, album releases, collaboration with famous hip hop artists, etc. Though, Ugly God’s fans has seemed that his net-worth is comparatively low, it is expected that his net-worth figure will soon rise in coming years as he is presently just 21 years old.

Ugly God’s music career is still in its beginning phase but one can already perceive he’s about to attain even more successful heights. It is expected that Ugly God has got a lot of momentum currently.