Trip Lee Net Worth 2019

Who is Trip Lee and what is his net worth 2019? The Southern Christian rapper is an American poet, singer and author. Trip is also the founder of ‘116 Clique’ group, whose name is influence by Bibles verse Romans 1:16.At the age of 16 he gained popularity for appearing on the reach records website. Lee is known as Christian hip hop artist, who raps about faith, God and beliefs. He released his first studio album with Reach Records titled as ‘If They Only Knew’ in 2006. He is also an author who has written two books ‘Rise: Get up and live in God’s Great Story’ and ‘The Good Life’.

He started off his career as a devotional writer to Reach Records that also helped him discover his spiritual maturity. He has been working with Reach Records ever since 2005. His 2008 ‘20/20’ garnered itself 11th spot on the US Christian Charts. He is also a mentor to teach and preach small groups ministry at Epiphany Fellowship. He wishes to assert the beauty and grace of the Jesus Christ to the listeners who want to listens him. He hopes to pastor a church in the future.

Trip Lee Net Worth

Early Life

William Lee Barefield III was born in 1987 on 17th December in Dallas, Texas, where he was raised and schooled. He started rapping from an early age of 12. However, his religious transformation at the age of 14 changed his perspective, this switched his focus from fortune, women and fame, to serving God and mankind; and he choose to minister a Gospel.

He has an undying desire to proclaim the beauty and grace of Jesus Christ to everyone who chooses to listen to his music.

In 2009, Lee married Jessica Barefield. And since then the couple is happily married with two children.
Lee considers himself as an Evangelical Christian. He aspires to serve as a pastor for his own Church one day.

Education: The rapper completed his high school education from Boyce College, Louisville, which is a Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Later he enrolled in Cairn University, Pennsylvania, which is a Biblical University; to complete his graduation.


He started off his musical journey by signing label Reach Records, which helped him release his first studio album ‘If They Only Knew’ just after graduating his high school. In this album he introduced the fans of hip hop to the unique delivery, southern sound and gospel-saturated lyrics. In that same year only the rapper was also appeared on the Dove Award-nominated, Jesus Muzik. His second studio album ‘20/20’ got him success as well as recognition; it helped him enter the 11th spot at the Billboard Top 200.

His musical works are greatly influenced by Bible, and cherish the world of the great almighty. He represents Jesus as a hero, and tries to inflict hope among his listeners. Since the start of his career, Trip has released six albums which include ‘Between Two Worlds’ in 2010, ‘The Good Rise’ in 2012, ‘Rise’ in 2014 and ‘The Waiting Room’ in 2016. The American rapper has dedicated his career to religious positive themes, which is a rarity in today’s world.

From the time when the rapper has released his debut album he has been travelling the world doing a lot of concerts for his fans. Along with the Reach label mates his has spent his last three summers on national and international tours. He has gained a lot of popularity among churches and Christian organisations for his Christ centric hip hop messages which has given him ample opportunities to teach and preach at several conferences and round table events.

Net Worth of Trip Lee

Ever since the release of his first album, the singer has been on road, performing concerts and tours nationally and internationally with his label mates from ‘Reach Record’s. These performances definitely helped him in making his fortune. He is currently an author of two books and wishes to write more. He has been in the industry since 2005; his faith in God has served him well, earning him thousands of dollars from all his releases. The rapper makes thousands of dollars with each of his release. The net worth of this Southern Christian hip hop artist is estimated to be $3.5 million.

Apart from his singing career, Trip is known to have worked on two books ‘The Good Life’ which was published by Moody Publishers in 2012 and ‘Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story’ published in 2015 by Thomas Nelson. He is also a member of ‘116 Clique’, which included several artists from Reach Record Label. The group is known to make Christian hip hop music which revolves around the benefit of mankind and love for God. His most recent album with this group includes ‘Man Up’ and ‘13 Letters’.

The rapper is definitely an asset to Christian hip hop industry, he brought religious meaningful stances to the mainstream music industry through his lyrical raps. Unlike the stereotypical idea of hip hop genre, where rappers are assumed to be singing about drugs, fame and are usually objectifying women. Trip’s music helps in reflecting hope and faith in people. His choice of music also brings to him fans from all age groups.