Trina Net Worth 2018

Who is Trina and what is her net worth in 2018? Presently of age 40, Trina is a famous stage name of a rapper. Initially, Trina received notoriety in year 1998 through her appearance done on Trick Daddy’s second studio album on single entitled as “Nann Nigga”. After that, she has launched five discreetly successful studio albums in her career. Net worth of Trina is grossed from her career as rapper mainly, get more details below:

Early Life

Trina’s father belonged from the Dominican Republic while her mother belonged from The Bahamas. The parents of this rapper got separated when she was growing up. It is known that she resided in Liberty City and lived in Pembroke Isle, located in Florida. Till now, it is just known that she has attended high school and then she shifted towards career as rapper.

Trina Net Worth


In her extra time, Trina usually wrote rap rhymes, which actually received the attention of Miami based rapper named Trick Daddy. Daddy then approached her in year 1998 to be presented on his song entitled as “Nann Nigga”. The particular song was released later as the lead single, belonging from his second studio album entitled, which was launched in year 1998. After campaign for her debut album finished in era of 2000, Trina started recording music with Elliott in order to prepare her next studio album. It is known that Trina worked in the recording sessions which continued from 2000 to 2002.

The rapper’s third studio album entitled as Glamorest Life, was launched in year 2005. The particular album made debut at number eleven on the famous chart i.e. Billboard 200. Moreover, it ranked at number two on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart as well as got second number on Top Rap Albums chart. This was known to be sold as 77,000 units in its initial week. In year 2007, Trina started to work on her next studio album i.e. fourth one. In order to give her fans a promo of the forthcoming album, Trina launched two mixtapes: the Baddest Chick 2: Reloaded and Rockstarr Royalty. It is known that the lead single belonging from the fifth studio album by her, “That’s My Attitude”, was launched in year 2009.

Last year, on 16th anniversary of her debut album entitled as Da Baddest Bitch, the rapper launched a single – “Overnight”. Moreover, she deliberated the ups and downs in her career containing people just viewing her as an attractive face, charges, and label concerns that she need to manage. Trina too participated in tribute of Missy Elliott for Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens. Recently, the rapper declared her 6th studio album entitled “The One”, about to release in September, 2017.

Discussing her personal life, Trina dated one rapper named Lil Wayne from year 2005 till 2007. In year 2005, in one interview conducted with Wendy Williams, Trina stated that she and Wayne were satisfied and soon to be married. Later, this rapper became pregnant by his husband, however he faced a miscarriage. After this, Trina dated a basketball player named Kenyon Martin from year 2007 till 2010. The rapper established the Diamond Doll Foundation, which is basically a non-profit type of organization that supports younger girls for their life tussles. Moreover, the organization is too involved in connection with the Florida Entertainment Summit in order to arrange Jingle Bell Toy Drive to convey pleasure to kids in the South Florida region.

Net Worth of Trina

Trina is renowned globally as a rapper and model with a high net worth of $8 million. Her fame developed as she made appearance on album by Trick Daddy’s named “”. It is found that this appearance provided a boost to career, and she has launched 5 studio albums after then, and also she has many planning on new albums.

Till date, Trina released many studio albums right from 1990s and continues to give her best at present.