Trill Sammy Net Worth 2019

Who is Trill Sammy and what is his net worth 2019? Trill Sammy was born Samuel Michael Perrares Garcia on November 30th, 1997 in Houston, Texas and is an American Rapper and Hip Hop artist. He has African American and Puerto Rican ancestors and has grown being very close to his mother. He was known for his charming personality in high school and was popular among the ladies. He was always inspired by underground rappers and for him it was always about the artists who had the best live experiences after a show.

Early Life

He started and rapping and free-styling when he was just 16 and he started posting his short freestyle videos on various social media networks just for fun. Eventually these videos got popular on Twitter and Sammy received a great response from people and started taking his rap career seriously. Sammy was never the best student and was not very interested in school and used to skip school to hang out with his friends. He later dropped out of school to pursue his music career.

Trill Sammy Net Worth

He collaborated with Born Stunna to post a new video in September 2015 and it got viral after which Sammy started working in a studio. His first track titled, ‘Trappin’ was a local hit and the production quality allowed Trill Sammy to be taken seriously as an artist to watch out for. Sammy was later approached by the rapper Dice Soho for collaboration and they uploaded a single titled ‘Just Watch’ in November 2015.

The video started getting major traffic within a few months and currently sits at over 12,000000 views. Sammy’s popularity increased and he was a major hit in concerts along with his partner, Dice Soho. Sammy launched his debut album in early 2016 and it was an EP titled ‘Red Album’. Sammy was later signed on by Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz which made Sammy one of the fastest growing independent rappers of 2016.

Before Trill Sammy’s ‘Netflix and Chill’ and Uber Everywhere’, he had started getting popular for leading the way in promoting a new style of rap through his music. Sammy was only 19 when he had already collaborated with Dice Soho and started touring with Riff Raff. He also worked with some known artists such as Soldier Boy, Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz. His mother was not happy as he had leaft high school to pursue music, but she must be on cloud nine after looking at Sammy’s growing success.

Net Worth of Trill Sammy

Trill Sammy is still in the early days of his career and when it comes to money-making and has a total net worth of $350 thousand. He recently got his chain snatched in North Carolina and it was one of his prized possessions. He is one of the top upcoming rappers of present times and his net-worth will surely grow in the near future with many labels keeping an eye on this artist and his music.

After the release of his new mix-tape ‘Sorry for the Sleep’, Sammy has reached close to 1,000000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. He continues to make music for the masses and released a series of songs in 2017. The list includes ‘Road Runnin’ featuring Landstrip Chip, ‘Hyp3beast’ by Cash, ‘Faces’, ‘Sorry’, ‘No Pressure’ and ‘Add it up’.

Trill Sammy has brought about a revolution in Hip Hop in the past few years and has collaborated with Dice Soho on several occasions to give some interesting music. The fan following that Sammy has achieved is exemplary considering that he started with posting random videos on YouTube and other social media outlets for fun. His mother, who was not very satisfied with the way his life was shaping, must be very proud of his current achievements.

Sammy has always focused on making easily connectable music which has been the reason for many people following it. Sammy has become an overnight sensation which has not gone down easily with most rappers who have worked a long time to get where they are. Sammy’s sense of music and a bit of luck have got him where he is at the moment. He is looking to keep up the good work and make tracks which people can relate to easily.