Trick Daddy Net Worth 2019

Who is Trick Daddy and what is his net worth 2019? Trick Daddy is a famous rapper, producer, record producer, singer, songwriter and an actor from the United State of America. His birth name is Maurice Young but he is famously known by his stage name. Initially, he was known by Trick Daddy Dollars but later he changed it to Trick Daddy.

Early Life

Trick Daddy was born on the 27th of September 1973, at Miami, a place in Florida. He and his ten siblings were brought up by Pearl Brockington. Trick Daddy’s father’s name was Charles Young who would take Trick and Derek (his brother) to reside with him and he worked as a local pimp. While living with his father he was a teenager and he got involved with drugs on the street. He was then arrested for possession of firearms and drugs at the age of 15.

Trick Daddy Net Worth

He has arrested again for attempting murder by shooting a man while engaging in the street fight. At the age of 19, he was sent to jail. After coming out of the prison he was encouraged to focus on his career in rap by Slip-N-Slide Records founder Ted Lucas.

Trick Daddy declared that he has an autoimmune disease; lupus and he had refused to take any medications for the same. He also had financial difficulties and had announced about facing bankruptcy for three times. The third time of bankruptcy was when his home was to be auctioned. He has faced legal issues and has been convicted for possession of cocaine, for carrying a weapon and violating his probation.

He has been sent to prison for gun charges as a result of an argument at a game of basketball. In the year 2014, he was arrested from outside of his place after the police found cocaine in his bedroom when they were surveying his house under a suspicion of possession of drugs. He was also charged with possession of ammunition and pistol by a sentenced felon.


He appeared on a track named Scarred by Luke Campbell a former member of 2 Live Crew. This attracted the attention of many producers and fans as the song was a huge hit. Ted Lucas signed him to a record label that was newly formed. Ted Lucas was a former CEO of records named Slip-N-Slide who released his debut Based on a True Story in the year 1997. This album became a hit in Miami. His second album was at this point he had taken off Dollars from his name Trick Dollars.

Another track named Nann Nigga which featured Trina was a huge hit which was at the third position in the Billboard Hot Rap Singles. He was signed by Atlantic Records and then released a Book of Thug: Chapter AK Verse 47 in the year 2000. His song Shut up was considered the rowdiest hit. And his single named America is a track based on the political scenario of the country An album Thugs are Us had one all time hit track I’m a Thug.

He had much more albums in his name such as Thug Holiday, Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets, back by Thug. He also had guest performances on What’s Happening which was at the top spot in the Hot Rap Singles. Trick Daddy still continues his touring in the United States and performs the new releases as well as the old ones. He also made an appearance in a movie called Just Another Day.

He has a total of nine albums and he has said to have his four-records which are gold certified and some have received the platinum status. He is known to be a very gifted rapper.

Net Worth of Trick Daddy

He is known to have a net worth of $250 thousand. His album Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a thug can be estimated at $13,000. And another of his album which is certified by gold is estimated at $500,000.

Despite all the difficulties he faced as a child and the autoimmune disease and the legal issues Trick is still going strong and is one of the known rappers who has given a lot of hits through his albums.