Tory Lanez Net Worth

Who is Tory Lanez and what is his net worth 2018? In the field of music, Tory Lanez is a hip hop kind of recording artist from Canada renowned globally. This celebrity attained main acknowledgement from the mixtape entitled Lost Cause, released in year 2014 as well as the singles namely “Luv” and “Say It,” which ranked at number 19, and 23 on the famous Billboard Hot 100 individually. Net worth of Tory Lanez is mainly originated through his career as recording artist, get further details below:

He basically belonged to Toronto, in Canada, to a father who belonged to Barbados and mother who belonged from the island in Carribean. His family was depended in Montreal, prior shifting to Miami, located in Florida. Lanez was acknowledged to exercise as well as improve his skills in rapping during his childhood, prior terribly identifying that his mom had passed away because of a sporadic illness.

Tory Lanez Net Worth

After the death of his mother, his father started serving as a predestined minister as well as missionary, leading both of them to shift regularly all over the US. His father later got remarried and then his family shifted to Atlanta, located in Georgia, where he encountered his friend named Hakeem. It was this time of his life that nickname i.e. “Lanez” was offered by this friend, in form of a statement on his excitement seeking propensities. This was occasionally seen mucking over the street, not observing for traffic as well as performing in the lanes.

It was in year 2006 that Lanez was delivered to reside with elder brother in Jamaica due to his behaviour concerns. Later this celeb was enforced to come back to Toronto through his grandmother. As she denied taking caution of him, Lanez lived on his way right from age 15.

The career of Lanez started mainly from year 2009 when he launched his debut based mixtape entitled T.L 2 T.O. When Lanez stayed in South Florida, the celeb started working to direct few of the music videos by him as well as uploaded them on youtube channel. In next year, Kingston communicated Lanez, saying him to carry out meet with him, throughout Bieber’s tour and then after let him to present live. In year 2010, Lanez launched the mixtapes namely One Verse One Hearse, Just Landed, Playing for Keeps, and Mr. 1 Verse Killah.

In next year, Lanez contracted a record deal and launched the mixtapes, Chixtape, Mr. Peterson, and Swavey. Later on Lanez left the brand to be a sovereign artist. In year 2014, Peterson launched, “The Godfather”, which is one song to declare that the celeb was about to initiate a series named as Fargo Fridays, just launching albums, songs, or videos on HotNewHipHop.

It was in year 2015 that Lanez launched the initial single from his debut based album entitled “Say It”. This was too found that he contracted to Mad Love Records by Benny Blanco and Interscope Records. In the same year, Lanez also launched the single entitled “B.L.O.W.” Lanez also started the two different mixtapes namely The New Toronto and Chixtape III and in next year, “LA Confidential” was launched in form of the another single for that album.

Tory Lanez is nominated in year 2015 for Much Music Video Awards, adding to his fame. In next year, Lanez got awards like BET Hip Hop Awards, MOBO Awards and Soul Train Music Awards. Recently in year 2017 this celeb- Lanez got Grammy Awards Juno Awards.

Tory Lanez Net worth

Tory Lanez is renowned globally as singer, rapper, record producer, fashion designer, and director from Canada with high net worth of $2.5 million. Though it is unclear about how much accurately Lanez had accomplished pulled in from his original mix tapes, it has been assessed that he grossed upward of $100,000 each from his contribution done with Chix Tape III and Lost Cause.

Tory Lanez had attained a lot of fame and wealth from his career spanning involvements in songs and sponsorships, etc.