The SwizZz Net Worth 2019

Who is The SwizZz and what is his net worth 2019? Justin Ritter was born on 28 September, 1987. Ritter was born and brought up in San Fernando valley, California, USA. Justin adopted a stage name “The SwizZz”. Ritter is an American rapper. Ritter collaborated with his childhood friend Hopsin and together they have given the industry a lot of good music. Swizzz and Hopsin met each other in high school. Both of them were classmates and because of their interest in music both became really close friends.

Once Swizzz finished with his high school, he got an admission in the University of California, Irvine. Justin dropped out of college and went to pursue his career in music. He wanted to earn his bread through music. In one of his interviews, Justin mentioned that while choosing what to major in for his career he faced a great difficulty. Justin couldn’t think of anything he was good in.

The SwizZz Net Worth

The biggest controversy that Swizzz faced till now was the break-up of Funk Volume. Although Swizzz was not involved in the fight but it became a clumsy fight between Swizzz’s brother and Swizzz’s best friend. Swizzz on May 20, 2016 released a track “Automatic” giving reply to the track released by Hopsin. In this track, Swizzz told his side of the story supporting his brother.



Justin from a very young age has worked for music. Justin collaborated with Hopsin. Justin was influenced by all genres of music. Jay-Z, Eminem, DMX are some of the favourite artists of Justin Ritter. Hopsin founded his independent record label in the year 2009 with Damien Ritter, Justin’s elder brother. The name of this record label was kept Funk Volume. Justin became the first artist who was signed by the Funk Volume. Just after the launch of the record label, Hopsin and Justin collaborated and created a mix tape titled Hayfire.

The mix tape was released on June 18, 2009. Justin was then featured in three songs from Hopsin’s album-Raw. Swizzz released his first debut solo mixtape Good Morning Swizzzle 25 June, 2010. After releasing his solo mixtape, Justin announced the release of his three solo albums Rock, paper and Swizzzors that were to be released in the year 2012. With Funk Volume, Swizzz made a lot of mix tapes and Swizzz also featured in many songs of Hopsin’s and Dizzy Wright’s album. In late 2012, Funk Volume organized a tour concert in which Swizzz along with Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton and DJ Hoppa.

This tour consisted of 44 concerts in 50 days. The Funk Volume tour 2012 became the subject of a documentary. Swizzz released his first solo single on August 1, 2013. This music video was produced by Swizzz himself and its name is “Zoom In”. Some of the famous music albums featuring Swizzz are; Rock, Paper and Swizzzors, Hayfire, Good morning Swizzz, Funk Volume 2013, Zoom In, Dead Candy, Automatic, User Friendly, Night Crawler, Favourite Rapper, The Game, Dedicated.

Justin Ritter was the first person that was signed by the Funk Volumes but he took it to new limits. Justin has stayed loyal to the firm till date. The biggest achievement for Justin is the success of the Funk Volume.

Net Worth of The SwizZz

The net worth of The Swizzz is estimated $800 thousand. The estimated net worth comes from the albums he has featured in, his solo albums and the guest appearances he made. Swizzz is the new generation of hip hop. He also performs in the genres of trace, R&B and rock. By the amazing work that The Swizzz has given to the world, it is believed that his net worth will keep increasing day by day.

Swizzz has always been passionate about music. He started making music while in high school. In high school he met Hopsin and they both being passionate about the same thing started making music. Swizzz was so dedicated and passionate about music that he dropped out of the University. Swizzz worked really hard to achieve what he has today. In one of the interviews, Swizzz said, “it is very important to get your head and mind right to succeed”. Swizzz gave a new name to Funk Volume. He has given a lot to the industry. Swizzz is a determined, hard-working and a dedicated personality.