The Jacka Net Worth

Who is The Jacka? What is net worth of The Jacka? Dominick Newton who adopted a stage name “The Jacka” was born on August 12, 1997. Dominick was born in Pittsburg, California, USA. Dominick is also known by the name Shaheed Akbar. Dominick got converted to Islam at a very young age and then he changed his name from Dominick to Shaheed Akbar. Dominick was an American rapper. Jacka was shot when by an unnamed gunman in Oakland, California. He was shot on 2 February, 2015 on 94th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard. Jacka’s early life was a little tough, as his mother struggled with drugs and his father went to prison.

By the time Dominick became a teenager, he was already peddling drugs. He worked to put food on his table. Jacka was really good in sports. He used to play basketball and football. In high school, Jacka started gaining interest in music. He used to get up early, knock at his friend’s door and make tune at 6:00 Am in the morning. Jacka along with his friend used to sell mix tapes casettes of his music for 20 to 30. Jacka’s talent was soon recognized and his friends, Rob Lo and Tony Montana Core helped their friend a lot. Jacka dropped out of his high school to pursue music as a career. He was a man of great character.

The Jackax AKA Dominick Newton Net Worth 2017-2018

Dominick Newton was a man of great personality. He got converted to Islam after which he changed his name to Shaheed Akbar. Jacka got married on October 22, 1999 at Harris County, Texas. He was married to Karen B. Ganes. Jacka after gaining success got caught in controversies one after the other. Dominick was convicted of a grand theft at Contra Coasta County in 2000. He spent a year in prison after this. The inmates there nicknamed him as Jacka and the name stuck. Dominick also got involved in doping. While in jail, Dominick got converted to Muslim religion and when he came out, he came out clean of drugs.

The Jacka Net Worth

The net worth of Dominick newton also known as The Jacka is estimated to be $0.2 million US dollars as of 2017. His net worth is estimated by the tremendous amount of work that he has done. Jacka worked in collaboration with his group, Mob Figaz. Jacka also collaborated with many other singers and rappers. Jacka released many of his solo albums. Jacka has given a lot to this industry. The labels he was associated with are Mac Dre, C-Bo, Joe Blow, Freeway, Paul Wall, Baby Bash, San Quinn and Gorilla Pits.

Jacka started his career with his group the Mob Figaz. The group released its first album in the year 1999- C-Bo’s Mob Figaz. It was a hit and got 63rd position on the Billboard list. For Dominick’s first album, 160,000 units were sold. He released his first solo, Jacka of the Mob Figaz in the year 2001. For his first solo 30000 units were sold. Jacka went on selling these units himself in the Bay Area and across the country.

Jacka released his second album ‘The Jack Artist” but this album failed to gain any position on the billboard list. In the year 2009, Jacka released his 3rd solo album, “Tears Gas’. This album gained 93rd position on the Billboard list. The Street Album that was released in the year 2007 made it at position 80 on the Billboard. Some of the albums od Dominick Newton are; Jacka of the Mob Figaz, The Jack Artist, Jack of All Trades, The Street Album, Tear Gas, Broad Daylight, Flight Risk, We Mafia, The Verdict, The Sentence, The Appeal, Murder Weapon and What happened to the World.

Dominick Newton achieved a lot. Many of his singles made it to the Billboard list. His solo album The Street Album gained 80th position on the Billboard list and The Tear Gas gained 93rd position on the Billboard list.

Dominick Newton was born in a very problematic family. He saw his mother going into drugs and his father going to prison. He had to work really hard to earn bread. Dominick dedicated his life to music. He made his passion his career. The hardships he faced were really too much for a normal human being. He got involved in doping and went to prison but from there he came out as a strong and humble human being.